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65-Year-Old Emiko Shibamura Takes On The Rap World With Akindo Fighter

You’re never too old to learn something new, right?

That’s exactly the kind of attitude 65-year-old Emiko Shibamura has gone for with the release of her first rap single, Akindo Fighter.

The Japanese businesswoman has earned a reputation for being a fashion icon, author and self-help guru in her native country. In addition, Emiko is one of the few women in the world to own a plot of land on the moon and have tickets to space via World View, a private space-exploration company. She has continued to break down age barriers by performing a song that has over 1 million views on YouTube. Shared by the likes of celebrities like Akon, Ludacris and Charlie Sheen, the video continues to gain momentum.

The inspiration behind Akindo Fighter came from Emiko having a vision about a white dragon spirit. The dragon makes several appearances in the video, looking every bit the fearsome beast that could take on Daenerys Targaryen’s brood in a fight.

The video blends metalcore, jazz and hip hop into a psychedelic celebration of art. Emiko is seen wearing several unique outfits and even takes to the sky on the back of her dragon spirit. Each bar comes at breakneck speed, matching the frantic pace of the story. It’s a fantastical feast for the eyes that must be watched to truly appreciate the creativity on display.

Having watched the video, I applaud Emiko for taking a risk and demonstrating that you can pursue something new at any age. I don’t speak Japanese, but passion transcends language, which comes across in Emiko’s stage presence, voice and demeanour. Her decision to throw herself into a new project is a reminder that you should never be afraid to act on what you’re feeling. If might not work out the way you planned, but at least you gave it a try.

Akindo Fighter will hold your attention from start to finish. Watch it below.

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