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Bringing Yamato Magazine To Life


Japan has earned a reputation for being one of the most unique countries in the world. Countless tourists flock to discover its wonders, while citizens carry out traditions that have been in place for thousands of years. My personal interest in Japan stems from pop culture, anime, samurai and food. The culture has inspired me enough that I’ve decided to start a Japan-centric publication called Yamato Magazine.

Where does the name come from?

When deciding on the name on the magazine, I wanted something that resonated on a personal level. ‘Yamato’ means ‘great harmony’ in Japanese and I heard the word after playing Devil May Cry 5. Vergil, a main character in the franchise, owns a mystical katana called Yamato and the name stuck with me. Finding harmony and balance within my own life is important.

Yamato has other meanings. The word was once used to describe Ancient Japan and referred to an imperial house that ruled from the province of the same name. Yamato can also refer to a battleship used by the Imperial Japanese Navy in World War II. Yamato became one of the most powerfully armed ships in history. In 1945, she was dispatched to Okinawa to defend the island against American troops.

In all its incarnations, Yamato embodies connotations of pride, survival and strength.

What kind of content is featured in Yamato Magazine?

There’s going to be a mixture of history, pop culture, poetry and art. I’ll be focusing on articles about creatures from Japanese mythology, like kitsune and oni, while giving my opinion on Japanese pop culture trends as well. Expect pieces about Japanese restaurants, drinks and food. Nothing is off limits in my pursuit to share my passion about the Land of the Rising Sun.

There will be regular interviews with everyday people who want to share their personal stories about Japan. It could be restaurant owners, authors, musicians, clothing designers, teachers, travel guides or other bloggers.

The goal of Yamato Magazine is to be a supportive space for people to talk about their interest in Japan. If you’d like to be interviewed for the magazine then please contact yamatomagazine@hotmail.com.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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