The Kokoro Files

Calling All Japan Enthusiasts For The Kokoro Files

Japan attracts visitors from all over the world because of its unique culture and outlook. The Land of the Rising Sun features various philosophies, and one of the most interesting is the concept of kokoro. Translating to ‘heart’ in Japanese, it should not be confused with shinzou, which represents the physical organ.

Kokoro is a metaphysical concept that links the heart, mind and spirit together in Japanese culture. It’s as much a mental sensation as it is an emotional one. For example, if someone were to say ‘you have good kokoro’ it means that you have a good mentality.

The concept inspired the creation of a segment called The Kokoro Files, which tells the story of everyday people and their connection to Japan, and Yamato Magazine is currently looking for people to interview for the series.

Who is eligible?

Yamato Magazine is accepting inquires from anyone who has an emotional connection to Japan. Everyone has their own version of kokoro, a feeling of being inspired by something so powerful that it keeps them focused no matter what life throws at them.

Are you the owner of a Japanese restaurant and want to promote your food to a wider audience? Are you a musician who plays Japanese-inspired music? Do you run a Japanese publication and want to share your writing experiences? Yamato Magazine wants to hear your thoughts.

If you are unsure of whether your story counts then please take a look at previous entries of The Kokoro Files. Yamato Magazine has previously interviewed the following people:

Mary Murata – Taiko drum player and member of the UK-based group Kaminari.

Matt SchleyOtaku USA editor.

Michael Graham – Professional shamisen and koto musician.

John Callow – Certified sake sommelier.

Each story is different, but all are connected by their passion for Japan. If you’d like to be featured in The Kokoro Files or know someone who might be interested, comment below or get in touch at

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