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Enjoy A Taste Of Japan At Bambuszliget In Budapest

When I travel to new places, I like to investigate the Japanese food scene and see how it compares to other locales. On a recent trip to Budapest I came across a restaurant called Bambuszliget, which serves up traditional Japanese food and its own unique meals, such as a sake burger, a dish that contains grilled salmon, cheddar and squid ink noodles mashed into a bun and is accompanied by Japanese potato salad and wasabi mayo. Read on to discover my opinion of Bambuszliget.

Peaceful décor

When I walked into the restaurant, I was drawn to the traditional Japanese décor. The style of Bambuszliget evokes a quaint Japanese inn, with sliding doors painted on the wall and a mural of a beautiful Japanese garden. There was a peacefulness within the restaurant that made me feel at home, and the staff were friendly and welcoming.

I was impressed by the variety of food that the restaurant offered, with meals ranging from massive sushi boats that can be shared between friends, to classic Japanese cuisine like yaki tori, gyoza and edamame. Other dishes that stood out to me were the katsu dou, breaded pork cutlet on rice with miso soup and pickles, and giant katsu prawns served with potato salad.

I also found the drinks menu to be equally varied. Bambuszliget provides creative Japanese cocktails like the Akai Geisha and Toruko Samurai, and smooth spirits like Etsu gin and Eiko vodka. Sake fans can also enjoy a selection of bottles, such as sayuri nigori, kibota senju and ozeki junmai rai. Non-alcoholic drinks include a range of colourful bubble teas, bursting with flavours like strawberry, black grape or mango.

Wholesome food

After feeling like a kid in a candy store for several minutes, I finally settled on a large bowl of chicken broth ramen with tempura prawns, nigiri and shiitake mushrooms. I’m happy to say that I wasn’t disappointed. The broth was rich and warm, while the ramen came packed with flavour. The prawns had the kind of crunchiness I love when it comes to tempura food. Everything came together for a wonderful meal.

If you plan on eating Japanese food in Budapest, then Bambuszliget should certainly be on your list. The atmosphere is peaceful, the service is quick, and the food is top-notch. What more could you ask for in a Japanese restaurant?

To learn more about Bambuszliget’s menu, go to the website or check out the Facebook page and Instagram.

Address: 1056 Budapest, Belgrad rakpart 18.

Opening hours:

Monday – 11:30AM – 11PM

Tuesday – 11:30AM – 11PM

Wednesday – 11:30AM – 11PM

Thursday – 11:30AM – 11PM

Friday – 11:30AM – 11PM

Saturday – 12 – 11PM

Sunday 12 – 11PM

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