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5 Japanese Fashion Brands Worth Knowing About

Japanese fashion features some of the most distinctive clothing styles in the world. From Lolita to kimono, Japanese fashion has been continually reinvented and updated to strike a balance between Eastern and Western influences. Western consumers have long been fascinated with Japanese clothing, leading to an increase in brands that are touting the fashion of the Land of the Rising Sun. Here are five Japanese fashion brands worth knowing about.


Koisea is my favourite Japanese style fashion brand because of the variety of clothing on offer. The brand specialises in Sukajan jackets that are embroidered with different designs, such as dragons, cranes and koi fish. I’d recommend purchasing the Phoenix sukajan jacket. The level of detail in the stitching is beautiful and the jacket itself is comfortable and easy to wear.

Koisea also sell hoodies and shirts that features Japanese motifs like tengu and daruma dolls. Whenever I’ve ordered an item from Koisea I’ve never been disappointed.


Another Japanese fashion brand that deserves to be listed is Uniqlo. A casual wear designer, Uniqlo has been in operation since 1949, with stores found across the world. Uniqlo stock a diverse range of clothing for men and women, which runs the gamut from manga style designs to simplistic tops.

On a recent trip to the Uniqlo store in Manchester, I purchased several shirts, with one of them featuring a print of Hokusai’s legendary Great Wave of Kanagawa. All the shirts were great value for money, demonstrating that there is something for everyone at Uniqlo.


With kimonos playing such an important role in Japanese society, it should come as no surprise that a kimono brand exists. Kiminoshi sells an impressive variety of kimonos that come in different colours. They range from simple, cardigan-like designs, to epic dragon kimonos that can show off a warrior mentality. All kimonos have a modern look, which ties into the popularity of Japanese street fashion.

Kiminoshi also provide capri pants that feature Japanese imagery such as koi carp. Shoppers can also choose from a range of loose pants that are ideal for wearing at home.


Offering a selection of shirts, jackets, pants, hoodies and socks, Yayukata caters to fans of Japanese street fashion. One of my favourite products is this Japanese devil t-shirt that sports a demonic face and snakes winding around it. The hoodie range is also eye-catching, especially the Yayukata Ukio wave design.

The women’s collection features some great additions like the Jasmine Harajuku top. It features a striking floral pattern across the back, which I think contrasts nicely with the black background.  


Clothes don’t have to be flashy, and that is where Kuro succeeds in bringing a minimalistic style to the Japanese fashion industry.  Kuro offers clean-cut designs for men and women, like oni shirts and comfortable hoodies.

Do you have any favourite Japanese fashion brands? Let me know!

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