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Oishi-Q Review: Cheap, Cheerful And Consistent Japanese Food

What’s better than eating delicious Japanese food at a restaurant? Eating tasty Japanese food at an affordable price! This was the case when I visited Japanese street food venue Oishi-Q in Manchester. Welcoming and relaxed, Oishi-Q offers a menu that runs the gamut from Japanese classic small plates like Agadashi Tofu, to larger, more filling plates like Unagi Don grilled eel with boiled egg and asparagus.

Fast, affordable service

I arrived at Oishi-Q during a quiet lunch time and was impressed with the communal décor that caters to solo diners and large groups.

The main space is filled with long benches that are ideal for big gatherings, while the front of the restaurant has a row of stools for people who are looking for a quick eating experience and you go up to the counter to order. Through this set up, Oishi-Q combines the best qualities of fast food dining with social eating.

The price of the food is some of the most reasonable I’ve come across in recent memory. The small plate menu features a selection of yakitori skewers for £3 each, while bigger offerings such as the spicy tofu and squid rings will set you back by £4.50 and £4.85 respectively.

I chose the katsu curry from the donburi main menu and I wasn’t disappointed. The chicken had a good balance of crispiness and tenderness, complimented further by the spiciness of the curry sauce. Best of all, the hot dressing didn’t overpower the rest of the meal, so the dish had a great mix of flavours. At £8.95 the katsu curry is an affordable choice for lunch or dinner.

The donburi selection has other cheap meals like £8.95 chicken teriyaki and mixed vegetable tempura. If you’d like to stretch your budget beyond a tenner, then you could choose from the £11 salmon teriyaki or £12 unagi don.

Got room for dessert? Try the toasted marshmallows for £3 or the banana tempura and ice cream for £4.50.

A haven for students

The restaurant’s proximity to Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Manchester makes it a perfect spot for students. During lunch, I wasn’t surprised by the amount of people who looked like they’d come out of a lecture and were in need of a Japanese-inspired pick-me-up.

At its core, Oishi-Q caters to people of all backgrounds. Whether you’d like a quick meal or a Japanese small plate experience, Oishi-Q is happy to provide. Check out their Facebook page to learn more about the menu.

Address: The Quadrangle, Hulme Street, Manchester M1 5GL

Opening times:

Monday 12–10pm
Tuesday 12–10pm
Wednesday 12–10pm
Thursday 12–10pm
Friday 12–10pm
Saturday 12–10pm
Sunday 12–10pm

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