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Suntory Chita Single Grain Whisky Review: A Zesty Drink For A Younger Generation

Suntory has established itself as one of the greatest producers of whisky on the planet. The brand has a versatile portfolio, which ranges from fiery beverages like Hibiki Japanese Harmony, to smoother drinks like the Hakushu Distiller’s Reserve. Sampling new styles from Suntory has become something of a hobby for me and the latest whisky that I’ve tried is the Suntory Chita single grain. Refreshing, smooth and potent, this whisky is ideal for sipping during summer.

Contrasting flavours

While browsing the drink menu of one of my favourite haunts, Peter Street Kitchen, I discovered the Chita at the top of the whisky list. At £10.50 for a glass, it was one of the cheapest offerings and I figured that was good value for money.

My nose detected hints of powerful muskiness and for a moment I wondered if I’d made the wrong selection. But my fear was quickly dispelled when I tasted the Chita and found it had a delightful blend of sweet and savoury flavours.

Once the initial burn faded away, I tasted notes of fruitiness and creaminess that reminded me of a vanilla sponge cake. This was topped off with a buttery quality that lingered at the back of the throat.

Whisky for a new generation

What I find interesting about the Suntory Chita single grain is that it was crafted for a younger generation of drinkers. Launched in 2015, the product is much lighter than other blends because of the way it is brewed.

The whisky was developed through the traditional distilling methods of the Chita distillery, which creates clean, medium and heavy variations. All three types are then aged in different casks and then come together to create the single grain Chita whisky. An added note is that the whisky can be matured in sherry, bourbon and wine casks, which contribute to the contrast in flavours.

Overall, I found the Chita single grain to be a versatile drink that can be enjoyed straight or on the rocks. It’s an ideal beverage for younger drinks who are looking to step into the world of Japanese whisky.

Buy a bottle from Master of Malt and crack it open for the warmer months!

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