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The Otaku Armoury: Wolverine’s Muramasa Blade

The Otaku Armoury showcases intriguing Japan-inspired weapons that are found throughout popular culture. Many weapons can trace their roots back to legends and mythical figures, such as Sengo Muramasa. An infamous Japanese sword maker, Muramasa’s blades were said to be cursed and caused their wielders to go mad with blood lust. It’s the kind of reputation that makes an engrossing story.

 So, it’s no wonder that Muramasa swords have found their way into mediums like comics. For example, the Marvel superhero Wolverine has wielded a sword that Muramasa created especially for him.

Forged from rage

Within the Marvel Universe, Muramasa was an immortal swordsmith who created a powerful sword from a piece of his own soul. Pouring his madness into the weapon, Muramasa used it to strike down his enemies and it passed from person to person over the centuries until it was used by the likes of Wolverine and the Silver Samurai. Neither man could wield it for long without falling under its influence.

Wolverine’s sword was created personally for him by Muramasa. After his wife Itsu was murdered, Logan tracked Muramasa down in Japan and demanded he make a sword that could help him kill all the people responsible for his wife’s death. Muramasa accepted and created a sword from a portion of Wolverine’s soul, urging him to “wield it like an angry god.”

The Muramasa blade has several unique properties that make it one of the most formidable weapons in existence. Crafted from a combination of magic and negative emotions, the sword has the ability to cut through any material. This was shown when Wolverine used it to cut a S.H.I.V.A robot in half with a single blow. It was also used to ‘slice’ through X-Men leader Cyclops’ optic blast. The blade cut the beam into several directions, demonstrating how it can affect substances on a molecular level.

Another key feature of the sword is that it can negate healing factors. Wolverine found this out during a battle with Captain America. Although Logan suffered a minor wound from the sword, it didn’t heal for several days. Wolverine has also used the Muramasa blade to neutralise the healing factors of enemies like Sabretooth and Omega Red and killed them.

However, the blade does have certain limitations. It was discovered that the sword cannot cut through Armour’s psychic shield because it was made from the memory of her ancestors. As Armour’s powers are fueled by positive emotions, this may be why the sword couldn’t break through.

With its mystical properties, Wolverine’s Muramasa blade is a blessing and a curse for the mutant. It is one of the few things on Earth that can kill him, but he’s also used it to defend the people he cares about.

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