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10 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts That Celebrate Japanese Culture

Instagram is a great channel for browsing new experiences and getting travel ideas, especially when it comes to Japan. There are a variety of memorable Instagram accounts that celebrate the Land of the Rising Sun. When looking to learn more about Japan, it’s worth checking Instagram to get an idea of certain destinations and locals.

That’s why I’ve put together a list of 10 brilliant Instagram accounts that celebrate Japan in various formats. Whether it’s tattoos, travel, food or sake, these Instagrammers have an eye for photography.


When people visit Japan, Kyoto is often high on the list of places to travel to. With its mixture of ancient temples and revered festivals, Kyoto conjures an image of the old world. For anyone interested in travelling to the area, Visit.Kyoto can give you an idea of the kind of sights to look out for.

The Instagram account features high-quality photos of Kyoto and the places that are worth exploring. Run by the couple at VisitJapan.Lifestyle, Visit.Kyoto is worth following for the pleasing aesthetics.


Japan Insides is a great website for researching information about where to stay in Japan and keeping up with the latest news. So, it’s no surprise that the organisation’s Instagram account is just as engaging.

What I like about Japan_Inside is the focus on nature. There are plenty of pictures that capture the beauty of cherry blossoms during the spring and the deep red and oranges of autumn.

Tasty Japan

If you’re a fan of Japanese food, I would highly recommend following Tasty Japan because it will make you fall in love with the cuisine even more. Tasty Japan uses a mixture of vivid pictures and videos to demonstrate how to make dishes such as omurice and oyakodon.

Tasty Japan also regularly features recipe videos from Japanese chefs and other cooks who pour their hearts and souls into each meal.


Shochu_danji is the Instagram account of shochu master Stephen Lyman. As an expert in his field, Lyman regularly posts photos of different shochu brands and pairs them with all kinds of amazing food.

From a photography perspective, I like how Lyman does close shots of the drinks he tastes. This technique makes the labels on every bottle stand out. He combines the photos with informative descriptions that provide great insight into the world of shochu and awamori.


Hojicha Co is a company that specialises in importing and selling high-quality hojicha tea in the US. Run by Danielle Geva and her business partner Francois Mathieu, Hojicha Co put as much effort into their Instagram page as they do with their products.

The account features a range of hojicha-infused drinks such as a latte. Not only does this show off the diversity of the tea leaves, but it creates a wonderful aesthetic with green colouring. Tea drinkers and coffee lovers should definitely follow the page.


As someone who is covered in tattoos, it’s safe to say I appreciate good body art. Japanese designs are among my favourite styles, which is why I’ve featured Japanesetattoo on the list. The page is dedicated towards showcasing the very best of Asian inspired art.

The tattooing that is displayed is magnificent, ranging from intricate back pieces to full sleeves. Common Japanese motifs include koi, samurai, oni and cherry blossoms.


With sake being one of my favourite aspects of Japanese culture, I enjoy following relevant accounts. If you are an appreciator of sake as well, then I’d recommend looking at the Instagram page of Domenic The Sake Geek.

As an advanced sake professional and international kikizake-shi, Domenic is an expert in his field. His Instagram page features a range of Japanese alcohol blends and fun videos that highlight the fascinating nature of sake.


Another sake-related Instagram page worth following is the official account of the Sake Brewers Association of North America. The page is regularly updated with news on sake tasting events, new blends and nihonshu specialists.


In recent years, Japanese music has experienced an increase in popularity in western countries, and it’s nice to see it gaining traction in the UK. The Kakkoii Club focuses on capturing Japanese music events in the UK and telling the stories of different artists.

The organisation’s Instagram is filled with high-grade photos from gigs and of album covers. Help to support Japanese music in the UK by following the account.


Japanese clothing is among the most distinctive fashion in the world, and it’s brands like Koisea that remind us why it is so popular.

Koisea specialises in selling sukajan jackets and the company’s Instagram account is ideal for showing how detailed each product is. You can also browse the range of t-shirts, hoodies and polo shirts. All items showcase the spirit of Japan.

Are there any Japan related Instagram pages that you’d recommend following? Let me know in the comments!

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