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Tuck Into A Sashimi Feast At Sushi Marvel In Manchester

The Japanese food scene in Manchester is among the best in the UK. Ramen joints, fusion restaurants and street food vendors offer some of the most diverse eating experiences within the city, and another Japanese food venue that deserves to be recognised is Sushi Marvel. A Japanese delicatessen, Sushi Marvel have sites in the leafy suburb of Chorlton and the hip city neighbourhood of Ancoats.

A sushi banquet fit for a shogun

When I arrived at the Ancoats branch for lunch, I was blown away by the selection of food on offer. True to its name, Sushi Marvel offers customers a huge variety of sashimi, uramaki, nigiri, hosomaki and tenmaki. Portions range from standard fish fare like salmon, to exotic selections like Hokkaido scallop. But the undisputed king of the Sushi Marvel sashimi menu is the otoro bluefin underbelly tuna. With a name that literally translates to ‘melting on the tongue,’ it’s a must-try meal.

For guests who prefer a mixed dish, there are uramaki inside out rolls such as the £10 salmon avocado or £13 volcano that features salmon, king prawn and cucumber topped with warming tobiko and special sauce.  There’s also a range of sushi burritos to choose from, which are wrapped with nori and come with cucumber, avocado and purple cabbage.

Diners who fancy a sharing meal can opt for large sushi platters that contain anywhere between 20 to 29 pieces. The most expensive item on the sushi menu is the £29 large mix, which features salmon avocado uramaki, tuna futomaki, seabass nigiri, surf clam nigiri, tamago nigiri and much more.  

Big dishes for big appetites

Wanting to take advantage of the reasonably priced lunch menu, I opted for a salmon teriyaki bento box and miso soup combination. The soup was rich and creamy, whetting my appetite for what was to come.

The bento box contained an assortment of delightful ingredients, which included crunchy edamame, spicy kimchi and fluffy rice. The salmon was coated with a sweet sauce that provided a wonderful contrast with the heat of the kimchi. I was taught not to play with my food, but I couldn’t resist mixing the vegetables into the rice and testing the different flavour combinations. At £9, the salmon teriyaki bento box left me feeling full and satisfied.

The main Sushi Marvel menu has large plates for people who are looking to eat later in the day. The delicatessen’s rice bowl dishes are diverse and colourful, ranging from spicy karaage don to tofu teriyaki don. With price options that go from £8.50 to £13, the rice bowls are great value for money.

Sushi Marvel is the kind of venue that caters to all tastes. The food is grand, the service is smooth, and the experience is worthwhile. Check out the menu is more detail to see what is on offer.

Address:  90 Oldham Rd, Ancoats, Manchester M4 5EB

Opening times:

Monday – Closed

Tuesday – 12PM – 3PM 5PM – 9PM

Wednesday – 12PM – 3PM 5PM – 9PM

Thursday – 12PM – 3PM 5PM – 9PM

Friday – 12PM – 3PM 5PM – 9PM

Saturday – 12PM – 9PM

Sunday  – 12PM – 8PM


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