At the end of the day

Humanity can be summed up in the language of flowers

You are shy as an amaryllis

Sincere as a white anemone

Pious like ambrosia

Remembrance is the colour of aster tataricus

Always be patient like azaleas

Grateful like a bluebell

Lust is formed in cactus

Love as deeply as the red camellia

But never regret longing for something like a yellow camellia

Or waiting for the right person to come along like a white camellia

Cursed love comes in bouquets of fritillaria camschatcensis

While fascination grows in carnations

Kindness lives in cherry blossoms

Imperialness is the aroma of yellow chrysanthemum

Yet always look for the truth in white chrysanthemum

Appreciate luck when it comes to you like a four-leaf clover

Be respectful as the daffodil

Have good taste like dahlia

Don’t be afraid to show faith like a daisy

Or be as courageous as edelweiss

Search for solitude in erica

And hope for true love in forget-me-nots

Refrain from being childish like freesia

Develop a secret love with gardenia

Pick habernaria radiata and dream beautifully  

Never forget to be gentle like hibiscus

As generous as honeysuckle

Pride blooms on the leaves of hydrangea

Await good tidings on the petals of iris

Live as gracefully as jasmine

Stay faithful as lavender

Be pure as white lilies

Don’t succumb to the hatred of orange lilies

There’s nothing wrong with being as sweet as the lily of the valley

Or as wealthy as the tiger lily

Red spider lilies tend to be forgetful

While sunflowers shine with radiance

Remember the ones you love with lotus

Be natural as magnolias

As adventurous as mistletoe

Make willful promises like morning glory

Take lessons in self-esteem from narcissus

Be caring as pansies

Brave like peony

Fun-loving as red poppies

Rejoice in your accomplishments under white poppies

Celebrate success in the presence of yellow poppies

And never show desperation in a patch of primroses

Announce your love with a red rose

Protect innocence with a white rose

Avoid the jealousy of yellow roses

Show your confidence with pink roses instead

Say a meaningful goodbye with sweet pea

Seek fame and charity with a red tulip in hand

Guard against the one-sided love of yellow tulips

Strive to be as cooperative as verbena

As honest as violets

As loyal as zinnia

Such is the language of hanakotoba

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