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Etsu Gin Review: Handcrafted To Perfection

Over the past few years, gin and tonic has become my go-to drink. And with the gin boom getting bigger and bigger, I’ve been able to try a wide variety of flavours and see how they compare to each other. Etsu gin has left a lasting impression on me because of its floral characteristics and clean finish. Read on to hear my thoughts on this multifaceted drink and why it is one of my favourite types of gin.

Pleasure is the name of the game

Translating to ‘pleasure,’ Etsu lives up to its name by having a robust, floral flavour. On tasting the gin, I detected notes of yuzu, green tea, citrus and coriander. This left behind a rich sweetness that was balanced out with a sansho pepper garnish.  A silky texture led to a smooth drinking experience, which only became easier with every sip.

Etsu gin is handcrafted at the Asahikawa distillery in the Hokkaido region of Japan. When brewing the gin, the distillery uses green bitter orange peel, liquorice, coriander and angelica root as botanicals. The ingredients are left to macerate for over 24 hours and then diluted down from 83% volume to 43% with water sourced from the Taisetsu Mountains. This process demonstrates wonderful attention to detail that can be felt in every aspect of the product.

The excellent craftsmanship applies to the presentation of the gin as well. The bottle features a geisha sitting peacefully on a lotus blossom. On her head, there is a Shinto shrine to reflect Japan’s religion. The geisha looks to be mediating, invoking an image of tranquility. This sense of serenity is heightened further by the soft blues and golds in the image.

A Japanese gin sensation

Smooth, clean and brimming with sweet flavours, Etsu gin is a must-try drink for anyone who is interested in artisanal alcohol. It’s sure to help you feel more connected to the Land of the Rising Sun and may inspire you to try other kinds of Japanese gins like Roku.

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