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Mio Sparkling Sake Review: Light, Airy And Pleasantly Sweet

Flavour variation is one of the most exciting aspects of the sake industry. From the fruity flavours of junmai ginjo, to the savoury textures of a well-made honjozo, sake has plenty to offer in the taste department.

In recent years, sparkling sake has emerged as a popular beverage for a younger generation of nihonshu drinkers. With a lower ABV percentage and lighter quality than other grades, sparkling sake is worth trying. Recently, I tasted a bottle of Mio sparkling sake and found it to be an extremely pleasant drink.

Why did I choose the bottle?

The Mio sparkling sake was featured as part of the sake masterclass course at Peter Street Kitchen in Manchester. Mio is the Japanese word for the white foam that trails behind cruise ships and the sake embodies the watery theme with a deep blue bottle.

Not only did I find the elegant kanji script of the label to be very attractive, the smattering of flowers on the side create a sense of tranquility when you look at them.

Tasting notes

The Mio had a fruity aroma that reminded me of the kind of smells that are common in Spring: fresh leaves, newly grown pears and apples. A delicious lightness came through on the palate, giving way to flavours of vanilla, blackberry, mango and banana.

I found that drinking the sparkling sake was an easy experience, each mouthful going down smoothly. The overall lightness of the Mio was one of its best qualities and I’d recommend pairing it with spicy food to enjoy the contrast of sweetness and heat. I discovered this delightful combination of flavours while sampling the Mio alongside a bowl of edamame coated with chili peppers. I could also see it going well with karaage chicken or a phaal curry.

With its airy texture and soft sweetness, Mio sparkling sake is an excellent choice for first-time sake drinkers. My only gripe is that I wished it came in a bigger bottle!

  • ABV: 5%
  • Category: sparkling sake

Purchase a bottle today and start your journey into the world of sake.

12 thoughts on “Mio Sparkling Sake Review: Light, Airy And Pleasantly Sweet

    1. Thanks for the compliment. But I’ve only just started my sake journey and there are plenty of people out there who are far more knowledgeable. I’d recommend looking into John Gauntner, Chris Pellegrini and Justin Potts if you’re interested to know more about sake and shochu.


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