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Top Collection Bronze Samurai Figurine Review

Samurai have earned a reputation for being honourable and stoic warriors. They have come to represent the spirit of Japan. Portrayed across countless mediums, the image of the samurai has fascinated scholars, writers and fans of popular culture.

 I count myself among the people who are interested in the history of the samurai. And everything they represent has been captured beautifully by figurine manufacturer Top Collection. The company’s bronze samurai figurine is highly detailed and evocative.

Amazing detail  

When looking at the figurine, an antique quality comes to mind. This is because of how it was sculpted. Made from cold cast bronze and mixed with resin, the statue features a hand-painted bronze finish. And every detail has been rendered with the utmost care and attention.

I love the high level of accuracy that has been given towards the samurai’s armour. The dou (breastplate) looks immaculate, while the kusazuri (lower part) has a free-flowing quality. I can also appreciate the intricacy of the kabuto (helmet), which features a bull in the centre. The samurai’s mengu (mask) is also sufficiently intimidating.

Even from a distance, the statue conjures an emotional scene. The samurai has his katana raised for battle. It looks as if he’s about to deliver the killing blow to his enemy. Discarded weapons lie at the warrior’s feet. A shield, sword, arrow and helmet suggest that he’s cut his way through several people and doesn’t mind adding another to his kill list.

An affordable decoration for fans of Japanese culture

In addition to the exquisite craftsmanship, the statue is of a decent size. Measuring 9 inches tall, the samurai looks good when placed anywhere around the home. Please note that the statue is heavier than it appears. I’d recommend holding it with a firm grip when carrying it from place to place.

At £65, I thought the samurai statue was reasonably priced. If you’re a fan of Japanese culture, then I’d highly recommend adding the figurine to your collection. It’s the ideal way to bring the morals of bushido to your home. Purchase the figurine today.

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