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Would You Try A Pizza Topped With Ramen? (I Have And It’s Awesome)

There are few foods in the world that are as universally accepted as pizza. From the humble Margarita to the tried and tested Hawaiian, the annals of pizza history are as hallowed as the toppings. Some prefer classic variations, while others like their food to be more creative. But how would you feel about biting into a pizza that was topped with ramen noodles? Crazy? Epic? Or just downright delicious? Such a pizza does exist. Enter the Japanese inspired Send Noodz.

Italian and Japanese cooking at its finest

The brainchild of pizzeria Crazy Pedro’s and Japanese joint Tokyo Ramen, the Send Noodz combines the heartiness of Italian cooking with the uniqueness of Japanese ingredients. This beast of a pizza brings together the Pedro’s tomato base and a spicy Tan Tan sauce. Deep fried ramen noodles, spring onions and chicken coated in Tokyo Ramen’s top-secret salt recipe line the top. Drizzle on some sweet corn mayo and red dragon sauce, and you have a meal that you won’t forget.

Pizza purists might scoff at the thought of ramen noodles as a topping. But as a fan of Japanese food, I dived straight in. The cheese was gooey and warm, which is exactly how I like my pizzas to taste. The noodles added a pleasant crunchiness. I felt this blended well with the softness of the chicken. The spiciness of the sauce left behind a heat that wasn’t overpowering.

Kitchen magic

Crazy Pedro’s aren’t strangers to off the wall combinations. The late-night pizza parlour has been supplying Manchester and Liverpool with original creations for several years. Some of their most memorable meals include the Chippy Tea and Wacko Jacko.

Manchester’s Tokyo Ramen has earned a reputation for making some of the best ramen in the city. So, when you have two of the most innovative restaurants in Manchester working together, you’re going to have magic in the kitchen.

The Send Noodz is perfect for anyone who enjoys Japanese inspired food. At the same time, it offers the chance to sample something different from the pizza world.

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