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Mori 1984 Nihon Kai IPA Review: A Damn Good Japanese Craft Beer

Mori 1984 Nihon Kai IPA

From a creative perspective, collaboration is exciting. It’s the opportunity to branch out into different areas and showcase passion around a certain topic. That’s why I’m pleased to present Yamato Magazine’s first official collaboration with Japanese craft brewing company Mori 1984.

The company’s founder, David De La Torre, sent over a few samples to try in exchange for an honest review. First up is the unique Nihon Kai IPA.


The Mori 1984 brand was inspired by a trip to Hiroshima and the legacy of the famous Mori Motonari. De La Torre decided to combine the Edo Period name of Hiroshima, Mori, with the year of his birth. From there, the brewery set up in Niigata.

What makes Mori 1984 beer stand out is the inclusion of Japanese soft water. The presence of this ingredient creates a well-balanced drink that doesn’t have any overpowering aromas.

The Nihon Kai IPA followed a similar formula. After admiring the elegant logo created by the very talented ONEQ, I proudly took my first sip of only the second Japanese craft beer I’ve had.

Tasting notes

The Nihon Kai IPA has a tropical, fruity quality that creates a pleasant sensation on the tongue. Notes of pineapple and lemon are prominent. There’s a good balance of citrusy and hoppy flavours. I’ve got no idea whether that’s to do with the effect of the Japanese soft water but it makes it taste damn good either way.

There’s also a mild richness that makes the beer easy to swig. Some IPAs have a heaviness that’s akin to Guinness and I find that off-putting. But the Nihon Kai is something to enjoy a leisurely pace and, in my opinion, those are the best kind of beers.

ABV: 6%

Try it for yourself and see what you think.


9 thoughts on “Mori 1984 Nihon Kai IPA Review: A Damn Good Japanese Craft Beer

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