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Mori 1984 Flying Pale Ale Review: A Solid, Everyman Kind Of Beer

An aspect of Yamato Magazine that I’m keen to emphasise is collaboration. Whether helping to promote a new type of sake or interviewing a Japanese tea aficionado, Yamato Magazine is open to working with people who’re passionate about Japan. Recently, I’ve collaborated with Japanese craft brewer Mori 1984 around their beer. So, here’s an honest review of the brewery’s Flying Pale Ale.


For more information on Mori 1984, check out Yamato Magazine’s interview with the founder, David De La Torre. He reveals where the inspiration for the name comes from and what makes Mori 1984 stand out from other craft beers.

The Flying Pale Ale is one of several offerings that sports a beautiful logo, created by ONEQ. An elegant looking Japanese woman has a hand across her chest. She’s surrounded by flowers on a black and white background. It conjures a scene of a geisha getting her portrait done, perhaps in the 1920s or 1930s.

Tasting notes

The Flying Pale Ale has a pleasing, amber colour. There’s a robustness that’s evident in the first sip. Smooth aromatics linger on the palette and there’s a distinct pine nut aftertaste. As someone with an allergy to nuts, the beer helped me have a vicarious sort of thrill.

I detected other savoury notes and a slight undercurrent of fruitiness as well. There’s quite a bit of frothiness at the front of the mouth. But this dissipates towards the back.

Overall, I really liked the Flying Pale Ale. It’s simple to drink, but I prefer the Mori 1984 Nihon Kai IPA because of its complexity.

ABV: 4.5%

If you fancy trying to Flying Pale Ale for yourself, check out the Mori 1984 website and order a bottle.

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