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Suntory Toki Review: A Timeless Japanese Whisky

Japanese whisky features some of the most diverse flavours that I’ve ever tasted from alcohol. In fact, it’s the Japanese variety that has become my gateway into the whisky world. From the fiery punch of Hibiki Harmony, to the milder, sweeter taste of Akashi Tai White Oak Red, I’ve enjoyed making my way through several blends.

Another whisky I’ve been able to tick off my list recently is Suntory Toki. An interesting type of blended whisky, Toki has a mix of flavours that stand the test of time.


Toki means ‘time’ in Japanese and features a different kind of style to its brother blend Suntory Hibiki. It was created from Suntory’s three distilleries, which include Hakushu, Chita and Yamazaki.

It has the characteristics of old meeting new. Toki brings together Hakushu white oak cask malt with Chita grain.

Tasting notes

The whisky it pleasant on the nose. Basil and honey aromatics linger in the air. Once tasted, there’s a subtle mix of sweet and spicy that I found surprising. Notes of apple, thyme, coriander and ginger appear on the palate.

This contrast of flavours makes for a potent mix. I had Toki on the rocks and I found that the ice actually enhanced the sweetness as opposed to mellowing it. It reminded me of the pleasant drinking experience I had when trying Bizan Clear shochu because of the mixed taste profile.

The balance of sweet and spicy is indicative of the harmonious nature of Toki. Purchase a bottle for yourself and see what you think.

ABV: 43%

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