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Chish And Fips Review: Umezushi Rises From The Ashes As A Japanese Chippy With Plenty Of Flavour

The hospitality industry is extremely competitive, and restaurants are under constant pressure to deliver the best experiences they can for diners. Manchester sushi restaurant Umezushi earned a reputation for delivering a high-quality Japanese dining experience. When the restaurant closed its doors suddenly, it was a blow that was felt throughout the Japanese foodie community.

Fortunately, this was only temporary. Because the people behind Umezushi are back with a fresh take on an old British classic. Fish and chips. Or more accurately, Chish and Fips.

Japanese precision meets British gastronomy

I popped in for lunch to see what Chish and Fips was all about and the menu combines Japanese cooking with British comfort food. Tempura fish features heavily and can be paired with all manner of sides.

Wanting to get stuck in, I opted for the £10 fish box which features four stages. Choose a type of fish, vegetable, sprinkling and sauce. I went for tempura salmon and sweet potatoes drizzled with Japanese shichimi chilli mix and a helping of Japanese curry sauce. My taste buds were in heaven as soon as I tried the first bite. The fish was crunchy, warm and soft. Slathering it in the curry sauce only added to the fun and the sweet potato chips provided an excellent balance.

Other options from the fish box menu include cod, coley or salmon. Choose from toppings of pepper, nori and wasabi. As for the sauces, there’s ketchup, mayonnaise, tartare, tentsuyu and peanut and miso.

A generous helping of sides and drinks

Another great aspect of the Chish and Fips menu is the varied sides. Diners can choose from a mixture of shiitake mushroom tempura (4.49), wakame seawood salad (£4.99), mushy edamame (£1.99), pumpkin croquettes (£2.49) and several other Japanese ingredients.  Got room for dessert? Try the tempura cream mochi.

Drinks feature an even split of alcoholic and soft alternatives. The Taiwan honey beer caught my eye and it was also good to see the Runaway Brewery Umezushi Gari Gose beer displayed as well. For people who prefer a non-alcoholic drink there’s Ramune lychee soda, budon water, coke and diet coke.

While I never got to experience what Umezushi was like, I’m glad that owner Terry Huang was able to keep the space alive and maintain the Japanese theme. The food at Chish and Fips is amazing and brings something wholly unique that is sure to go from strength to strength in the coming years.

Address: Unit 4 Mirabel Street, Manchester M3 1PJ

Opening times:

Monday – Closed

Tuesday – Closed

Wednesday – 12 – 9PM

Thursday – 12 – 9PM

Friday – 12 – 9PM

Saturday – 12 – 9PM

Sunday – 12 – 9PM

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