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Shoku Review: A Tasty Introduction Into The World Of Nikkei Cuisine

With fusion food, there’s the potential to eat some of the most unique meals on the planet. I feel that rings true for anything that’s mixed with Japanese food. That’s why I was excited to discover Nikkei cuisine, Japanese-Peruvian food that marries South American ingredients with Japanese cooking techniques.

Shoku, Manchester’s only Nikkei restaurant, offers plenty of amazing dishes for people who are curious about this colourful cuisine.

The best of two worlds

Based in Media City, Shoku provides diners with an incredible mix of South American and Japanese influenced meals. Try the raw bar menu, which features a glorious collection of fish dishes. There’s sea bass ceviche (£.7.50), with coconut tiger’s milk and candied sweet potato. Wagyu Nigiri (£7) comes with black truffles and truffle emulsion. Or you could go for the delectable salmon tiradito (£7.50), which consists of passion fruit and puffed wild rice.

When I stopped by, I was motivated by my tendency to want to try different types of ramen. So, I ordered the Nikkei ramen (£10) off the large plates menu. Made with tomato dahl, aji panca miso tare, salsa criolla, basil, inca egg and lime, the Nikkei ramen was the kind of heavenly food hodgepodge I never knew I needed until now. On first glance, it made me think of a kind of thick spaghetti soup and that is part of its charm. Spicy, filling and wholesome, I’d highly recommend trying the Nikkei ramen.

For diners who prefer traditional ramen, Shoku offer £11 Tonkotsu, a heady pork broth containing Japanese pumpkin, shoyu tare and achiote oil. If you fancy something more expensive, then go for the £58 Ito Wagyu A5 Steak. It’s a 120g beast of a meal that comes with Nikkei chimichurri and lotus.

A versatile drink menu

Shoku also provided a good range of beers, cocktails, spirits and wines. As a craft beer fan, I rejoiced in the fact that the restaurant stocks Hitachino Nest bottles. I opted for Hitachino Dai Dai, a smooth beer with sweet and sour notes that blended well with the ramen.

If you’re in the mood for a cocktail, then you can try drinks like the Momo Raimu, which features peach sake, vodka and elderflower. For a South American infused cocktail, go for the Chilcano. It consists of pisco, lime and ginger. There’s also a decent range of Japanese whiskies, like Fuyu, Kura rum cask and Kimiki.

In terms of unique cuisine, Shoku has succeeded in bringing something new to Manchester. Nikkei food has its own character and it’s great to see a restaurant that’s committed to developing a distinctive identity.

Check out the Shoku menu to learn more about Nikkei cuisine.

Address: Media City UK, Retail Unit 5, Salford M50 2HE

Opening times:

Monday – 12 – 11PM

Tuesday – 12 – 11PM

Wednesday – 12 – 11PM

Thursday – 12- 11PM

Friday – 12 – 11PM

Saturday – 12 – 11PM

Sunday – 12 – 11PM

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