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Hitachino Nest White Pale Ale Review: A Grand Introductory Japanese Craft Beer

Hitachino White Ale is one of the brand's most popular beers.

Japanese craft beer ranks among some of the best tipple that I’ve tasted and a brand I keep returning to is Hitachino Nest. Brewed by the venerable Kiuchi Brewery, the Hitachino Nest range features an eclectic mixture of flavours that make every drinking experience unique.

The Hitachino white ale is a solid beer that can be sipped with or without a meal.


The beer, styled on a Belgian white ale, is made from wheat malt and flavoured with coriander, orange peel, nutmeg and orange juice.

Tasting notes

On first inspection, the beer has an inviting floral aroma. A soft taste of orange comes through to begin with and makes way for the nutmeg. The contrasting flavours are well-rounded, exuding sweet and bitter notes. An undercurrent of tanginess slips in at the end, courtesy of the coriander.

I drank the Hitachino white ale in a schooner and I believe the glass helped to sharpen the flavour profile of the beer. The sweetness gathered at the top of the schooner and came in small doses.

If you’re new to the world of Japanese craft beers, then I’d recommend the Hitachino white ale as an excellent introductory beverage. It’s smooth, simplistic and reliable, the essence of a good beer.

Hitachino White Ale review.

ABV: 5.5.

Another Japanese craft beer that I’d recommend trying is the Mori 1984 Nihon Kai IPA. Check out the review!

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