Pop Culture and Japan

Connecting With Yamato Magazine On Social Media (Collaborations Welcome!)

Connecting with people through social media is one of the most effective ways to build relationships with people in your industry. And with Yamato Magazine specialising in collaborating with Japan related businesses, it’s no surprise that you’ll find the publication on social media as well!

Making connections with a different culture

Since the magazine started in 2019, there’s been some enjoyable collaborations with the likes of Japanese craft beer brewers, sake suppliers and artists. These connections were made much easier by reaching out through social media and taking a shot in the dark. Yamato Magazine is interested in following brands that are active in the following fields:

  • Sake brewing and bars
  • Japanese restaurants
  • Japanese fashion brands
  • Authors who write about Japanese culture

But whether you’re a fan of anime or Japanese history, the door is wide open for a connection. You’re welcome to get in touch about sharing your connection with Japan as part of The Kokoro Files.

Active social channels

Yamato Magazine is active on Instagram and Twitter. The Instagram page is a place for indulging my growing obsession with nihonshu and shochu, while Twitter is a place for open discussion about Japanese related themes and history.

Be sure to follow @yamatomagazine on Instagram and @YMagazne on Twitter.

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