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Lockdown Food Service Review: YaoYao Noodles Solves Ramen Cravings With Awesome DIY Kits

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought unprecedented disruption to business all over the world. Lockdowns have closed restaurants and bars, forcing the hospitality industry to adapt rapidly to people staying at home. The same situation happened in my home city of Manchester and I was seriously craving some good ramen broth.

The solution? Call on YaoYao Noodles to come to the rescue and deliver a ramen noodle kit.

DIY Ramen noodle kits on the go

Based in Manchester, YaoYao Noodles was created to cure ramen cravings at a speedy pace. Cooked by Omar Rodriguez, the former head chef of the once legendary local Japanese restaurant Umenzushi, the Yaoyao ramen kits are awesome.

Tonkotsu pork ramen broth.

I ordered the tonkotsu pork ramen kit for £16.00 and received a 700ml readymade bag of pork broth that’s large enough for multiple servings and can be frozen to last for up to three months. The kit also came with two portions of fresh ramen noodles, two soft boil eggs, four slices of slow-roasted pork broth, two stalks of spring onion, one bunch of enoki mushrooms and a tub of browned onion and garlic aromatic oil.

Using the kit was easy, thanks to recipe cards that can be found on the YaoYao Noodles website and Instagram page. The broth was rich and thick, drenching the noodles in meaty goodness. The soft-boiled egg and pork belly add extra heartiness, while the spring onion garnish became the icing on the cake.

Plenty of selection

The brand also provides other ramen kits, which range from a full-bodied chicken broth, to a mushroom and seaweed broth with grilled aubergine and tofu. All kits are £16 and there’s enough to serve two people.

The YaoYao Noodles service is speedy and reliable. I received a confirmation email that my order had been processed and set up a delivery time from between 4PM – 5PM. I received another email that confirmed when my meal was out for delivery and it came within thirty minutes between the time slot that I specified.

Lockdown has been tough for us all. But it’s businesses like YaoYao Noodles that continue to deliver a bit of hope and normality to our everyday lives with awesome food and amazing service. Check out the full menu for more information.

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