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Shiratama Umeshu Whisky Blend Review: A Drink That Straddles Two Incredible Flavour Profiles

The Shiratama umeshu whisky blend is produced by Eigashima Shuzo.

Japanese breweries feature some of the most innovative drink production techniques to be found anywhere in the world and Eigashima Shuzo is the perfect example. Known for producing exceptional sake, the Hyogo-based brewery has also crafted the unique Shiratama umeshu whisky blend. 

Sweet, silky and smooth, the drink straddles two worlds of incredible flavour profiles. 


The Eigashima brewery is a heavyweight in the world of sake, shochu and whisky production, with a history that stretches back to 1679. Based in the city of Akashi in Hyogo Prefecture, Eigashima became the first brewery to obtain a license to make whisky in Japan in 1919.

This birthed the famous Akashi whisky brand and led to the creation of the Shiratama umeshu whisky blend that’s all sorts of phenomenal. Made from a mixture of umeshu plume wine, Akashi whisky and sugar, the drink is bottled at 14%.

Tasting notes 

There’s so much I love about this blended drink and it started from the moment that I smelled it. A rich plum and apple aroma rose out of the glass that instantly reminded me of one of my favourite bottles of sake Akashi-Tai Shiraume Umeshu

Notes of chocolate and port were the first flavours that I tasted. Then came the whisky qualities: spicy, hot and dry. This was balanced by a tart lemon note that provided an extra bit of complexity. The richness continued throughout, making the whisky and umeshu blend an ideal dessert drink. Best enjoyed chilled or at room temperature. Whatever you decide, it’ll be an awesome drinking experience! 


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