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Why Is Issey Miyake One Of The Greatest Fashion Designers Of All Time?

There are many famous names in the fashion world, with the likes of Coco Chanel, Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren all leaving a distinctive mark on the industry. A name that deserves to be held in the same esteem is Issey Miyake. Born in Japan, Miyake is known for his technology-based clothing that combines flexibility and comfort. Having come from humble beginnings, Miyake has looked to constantly innovate and redefine the fashion industry for the better. Continue reading “Why Is Issey Miyake One Of The Greatest Fashion Designers Of All Time?”

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Dissecting The Parts Of Traditional Samurai Armour

The legend of the samurai is woven into the culture of Japan. Dutiful, stoic and formidable, samurai were bound to the code of bushido, protecting their lords and masters at any cost. In order to carry out their duty, samurai relied on a variety of equipment, and one of their most important assets was armour.

Traditional samurai armour is striking for how intimidating it looks. This was deliberate on the part of the warriors, as they wanted to terrify their opponents in battle. A great amount of detail went into the forging of the armour, with each piece being intricate and durable. Let’s take a closer look at  samurai armour and see how it was made. Continue reading “Dissecting The Parts Of Traditional Samurai Armour”

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5 Japanese Fashion Brands Worth Knowing About

Japanese fashion features some of the most distinctive clothing styles in the world. From Lolita to kimono, Japanese fashion has been continually reinvented and updated to strike a balance between Eastern and Western influences. Western consumers have long been fascinated with Japanese clothing, leading to an increase in brands that are touting the fashion of the Land of the Rising Sun. Here are five Japanese fashion brands worth knowing about. Continue reading “5 Japanese Fashion Brands Worth Knowing About”