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Women Warriors: Empress Jingū

Japanese history is filled with stories of legendary figures like Minamoto no Yoshitsune and Sengo Muramasa who helped to shape the time periods they lived in. For every tale of a man who dictated the future of Japan, there are just as many inspirational stories about Japanese women shocking the system. Women Warriors examines the life of these brave souls who went against tradition.

One of the most interesting stories of a woman changing the status quo involves the legendary Empress Jingū, A semi-mythological figure, Empress Jingū’s life is a topic of much debate. Continue reading “Women Warriors: Empress Jingū”

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Dissecting The Parts Of Traditional Samurai Armour

The legend of the samurai is woven into the culture of Japan. Dutiful, stoic and formidable, samurai were bound to the code of bushido, protecting their lords and masters at any cost. In order to carry out their duty, samurai relied on a variety of equipment, and one of their most important assets was armour.

Traditional samurai armour is striking for how intimidating it looks. This was deliberate on the part of the warriors, as they wanted to terrify their opponents in battle. A great amount of detail went into the forging of the armour, with each piece being intricate and durable. Let’s take a closer look at  samurai armour and see how it was made. Continue reading “Dissecting The Parts Of Traditional Samurai Armour”

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The Hyakki Yagyo: How To Survive The Night Of One Hundred Demons

Japanese folklore is filled with all kinds of supernatural tales that have been passed down from generation to generation. Creatures like the tengu and kitsune are as complex as the stories that have spawned them. Perhaps one of the most significant events in Japanese folklore is the Hyakki Yagyo, otherwise known as the night parade of one hundred demons.

As a Japanese idiom, the Hyakki Yagyo represents the concept of utter pandemonium. It’s the breaking down of the barrier between the human and supernatural world. The time of evil spirits and tricksters running amok through the streets. Continue reading “The Hyakki Yagyo: How To Survive The Night Of One Hundred Demons”

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How The Role Of The Tengu Has Changed In Japanese Culture

Japanese folklore is filled with spirits and mythical creatures, and one of the most well-known beings is the tengu. Tengu are an important part of Shinto and Buddhism and form part of the yokai. Originally seen as demons, the importance of tengu have changed over time. Many people wear tengu masks and the image has been woven into popular culture. The Comic Vault is looking into the history of the tengu to see what they are and their significance to Japanese culture. Continue reading “How The Role Of The Tengu Has Changed In Japanese Culture”

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Yomi And The Fate Of Izanami And Izanagi

Every culture has their version of hell, and Japan is no different. The Japanese equivalent of the underworld, Yomi, forms an important part of Shinto religion. But unlike the traditional image of hell being a place where the dead are punished for their misdeeds, Yomi is considered a place where all souls exist in a state of purgatory.

One of the most interesting stories from Yomi depicts the lives of the creator gods of Japan, Izanami and Izanagi. Their tale features themes of sorrow, hope, and sacrifice. Continue reading “Yomi And The Fate Of Izanami And Izanagi”

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How Pokémon Reinvented Yokai For A Modern Generation

Japanese mythology is filled with all kinds of supernatural creatures and monsters, ranging from mischievous kitsune, which take the appearance of foxes, to demonic oni, that live in the mountains and look like trolls. In anime, it’s common for characters to be inspired by fantastical Japanese creatures, and a franchise that does it so well is Pokémon. A lot of Pokémon are based on mythical monsters and some of my favourites have been influenced by yokai, Japanese ghosts and phantoms.

Continue reading “How Pokémon Reinvented Yokai For A Modern Generation”

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Dispelling The Curse Of Muramasa Swords

Ancient Japanese sword makers were known as artists who dedicated everything to their craft. They spent countless hours forging steel into weapons that went on to be wielded by famous samurai like Miyamoto Musashi. Some Japanese swordsmiths became as well-known as the people they made weapons for. One of the most infamous names in the swordsmith world is Muramasa Sengo.

Continue reading “Dispelling The Curse Of Muramasa Swords”