The Kokoro Files

The Kokoro Files: Darren Yates

The Kokoro Files  shares the stories of people who’re passionate about Japan and who’ve had their lives transformed through experiencing the culture. Darren Yates started out in Bolton in the UK and decided to roll the dice by heading to Japan. He fell in love with Japanese cooking techniques and within a few years he brought it back home to set up a restaurant and deli empire.

I met Darren while dining in his restaurant Auradaze in Ambleside and from the first bite, there was something special about his food. He’s the kind of guy who can talk to anyone and make them feel at home, but in the kitchen he’s all business and quiet focus. 

It was a lot of fun hearing his stories about travelling across the world, serving celebrities like John Travolta and fishing for giant tuna in Bora Bora. An interview was on the cards, so read on to learn more about Darren and the concept behind Auradaze. 

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Japanese Cuisine

The Definition Of A Hidden Gem: Experience Some Of The Best Japanese Food In The World At Auradaze

Japanese food is perfect for experiential dining, as there’s an art and tradition behind Japanese cooking that goes back centuries and deserves to be shared with people from all walks of life. One of the most interactive Japanese dining experiences is an omakase menu, which puts the power of food in the chef’s hands. The customer must place their trust in the chef, who serves a range of dishes that are personal to them.

I recently had my first omakase experience at Auradaze, a small Japanese deli/restaurant combination in Ambleside in the Lake District. The definition of a hidden gem, Auradaze was a truly unforgettable experience that brought together humble beginnings, fine dining, great stories and good company under one roof. Continue reading “The Definition Of A Hidden Gem: Experience Some Of The Best Japanese Food In The World At Auradaze”