The Kokoro Files

The Kokoro Files: Stephanie Buttery

Taking inspiration from another culture can be a life-changing decision. When Stephanie Buttery travelled to Japan, she immersed herself in the local drinking culture and returned to the UK with a goal of starting her own business. As the founder of the premium soft drinks brand, Chu-Lo, Buttery has created a drink inspired by Japanese chuhai.

After meeting Buttery at the Doki Doki Festival in Manchester, I wanted to hear the Chu-Lo story and what motivated her to start her own business. Continue reading “The Kokoro Files: Stephanie Buttery”

Shochu Reviews

Grape Shochu Highball Review: Somewhere Between A Cocktail And A Soda

Known for its versatility and wide range of ingredients, shochu is one of Japan’s most interesting drinks. Some of the base ingredients include sweet potato, barley, buckwheat and brown sugar. But there are many more to choose from, which adds to the appeal of shochu.

Certain types of shochu are mixed with other drinks to create new flavours. This is the case for chuhai, which means ‘shochu highball’ in English. Having recently tasted a grape flavoured shochu highball, the experience was different to other types of sake that I’ve tried. Continue reading “Grape Shochu Highball Review: Somewhere Between A Cocktail And A Soda”