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Sake, Shochu And Drinks Galore: Launching The Drink To That Newsletter

Being in a bar or a restaurant is transformative. Venues like that are an intersection of new cultures, communication, excitement and storytelling. Drinks play a vital role in creating these experiences, with Japanese drinks like sake and shochu elevating nights out, intimate lunches and conversations with friends.

Sake is one of my favourite drinks. But it’s not the only thing that floats my boat. I’m pleased to announce the launch of Drink To That, a newsletter for imbibing knowledge, celebrating the hospitality industry and providing content marketing tips for drink brands.

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Guest Posts

Guest Post: Mikkeller Japanese Rice Lager Review

Whilst its reputation as a renowned and celebrated craft beer brewery is undisputable, what exactly Mikkeller has to do with Japan or its culture that would warrant a spot in this magazine is somewhat less obvious… at least at first.

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Japanese Cuisine

Hitachino Nest White Pale Ale Review: A Grand Introductory Japanese Craft Beer

Hitachino White Ale is one of the brand's most popular beers.

Japanese craft beer ranks among some of the best tipple that I’ve tasted and a brand I keep returning to is Hitachino Nest. Brewed by the venerable Kiuchi Brewery, the Hitachino Nest range features an eclectic mixture of flavours that make every drinking experience unique.

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The Kokoro Files

The Kokoro Files: David De La Torre

The Kokoro Files highlights the connections between everyday people and Japan. The Japanese alcohol industry has inspired people all over the world, and David De La Torre was determined to find his way into the industry at all costs.

David is the founder of Japanese craft beer, Mori 1984. With a range of unique flavours and an emphasis on soft water, Mori 1984 certainly stands out in the craft beer market. Yamato Magazine caught up with David about the story behind the beer and how a trip to Hiroshima gave him the inspiration to shape the brand. Continue reading “The Kokoro Files: David De La Torre”