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Sake Glossary: A Guide For Beginners

Immersing yourself in the world of sake is an exciting experience that can quickly turn into a life-long pursuit of knowledge. Just when you think you’ve mastered something, there’s a new kind of nihonshu to try or a different kind of rice to discover. Falling down the sake rabbit hole is rewarding, but it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the terminology.

To help, Yamato Magazine has created a handy glossary of useful sake terms to remember.

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Ninki-Ichi Gold Junmai Daiginjo Review: A Clash Of Sweet And Savoury

Within the sake industry, there’s an ongoing debate between the merits of junmai and non-junmai sake. Junmai sake contains no added alcohol, while non-junmai contains a small batch of brewer’s alcohol.

Depending on preferences, some might argue that junmai daiginjo is the holy grail of sake because of its connotations of being premium and pure.  Curious to find out about whether junmai daiginjo is a drink worth dying for, I recently tasted Ninki-Ichi Gold junmai daiginjo. Continue reading “Ninki-Ichi Gold Junmai Daiginjo Review: A Clash Of Sweet And Savoury”


Ginjo To Die For

I’ll never forget the day I walked into a Japanese restaurant

And saw people fighting over a bottle of nihonshu

It was carnage

Middle-aged women tossed cutlery at each other

While young bloods tussled around on the floor

Kicking, biting and squirming to get a taste

One diner even used her pearl necklace as a garotte

And when she’d stepped over the competition

She tried to lift the bottle until the veins popped in her head

(I don’t think she read the label)

Is there such a thing as sake in the stone?

I’m not sure

But it didn’t stop other contenders from trying

Each person crawled through the war zone

Determined to prove their worthiness

But the bottle refused to budge

In the wake of such overwhelming chaos

Where was I?

I was enjoying a sip of cold futsushu

Some drinks don’t have to be premium

Some drinks are worthy enough