Flights Of Fantasy

Flights Of Fantasy: Falcio Val Mond

Flights of Fantasy creates a saking tasting menu based on the personalities of different fantasy characters. Falcio Val Mond from Sebastien De Castell’s The Greatcoats series is one of my favourite fantasy heroes because of his complexity, stubborn idealism and swashbuckling attitude. 

The First Cantor of The Greatcoats has dedicated his life to bringing justice to his homeland of Tristia, so his choices of sake would be loud, indomitable and have an air of adventure.

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Sake Reviews

Dassai 23 Review: A Glorious Junmai Daiginjo With A 23% Sex Appeal

Dassai 23 is an elegant and ultra-premium junmai daiginjo sake.

There are certain sake breweries that acquire a reputation for having some of the best tasting nihonshu in the world. The Asahi brewery (not to be confused with the beer brand!) based in Yamaguchi, is known for making ultra-premium junmai daiginjo under the Dassai brand. I’ve heard a lot of great things about Dassai and finally got the chance to try their cream of the crop sake – Dassai 23. Continue reading “Dassai 23 Review: A Glorious Junmai Daiginjo With A 23% Sex Appeal”