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Dassai 39 Review: Elegance In A Glass

Dassai 39 is a delightful junmai daiginjo sake that has been milled down to 39%.

For sake connoisseurs, junmai daiginjo is considered the Holy Grail of nihonshu because of the high milling rice rate and floral flavours. So, when you try a bottle of Dassai produced by the Asahi brewery of Yamaguchi Prefecture, you know you’re in for a delightful drinking experience.

The Dassai brand specialises in junmai daiginjo sake that goes all the way to a sexy 23% polishing rate, making it one of the most popular sake brands in the world. And after cracking open a bottle of Dassai 39, my appreciation for the brand has intensified. Continue reading “Dassai 39 Review: Elegance In A Glass”