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4 Characters In One-Punch Man Who Suffer From Mental Health Disorders

Superheroes are often portrayed as larger than life juggernauts who are able overcome any challenge. It can be difficult to imagine them being vulnerable like a normal person, let alone having a mental health condition. Yet anime series like One-Punch Man aren’t afraid to show how messy the lives of superheroes are, or the types of problems they suffer with on a regular basis.

Mental health is a crucial part of One-Punch Man. There are superheroes and supervillains that battle against disorders throughout the series. Here are four characters from One-Punch Man who struggle with their mental health. Continue reading “4 Characters In One-Punch Man Who Suffer From Mental Health Disorders”

Pop Culture and Japan

How To Incorporate Ikigai Into Your Positive Mental Health Routine

When it comes to looking after yourself, mental health is just as important as physical health. Talking about mental health disorders like anxiety and depression has become easier, but there are many people who still choose to suffer in silence. Finding a way to manage mental health can be tricky, but concepts like ikigai are useful for helping to develop coping strategies.  

A Japanese mentality, ikigai roughly translates to ‘a reason for being’ and is a concept based around a person following their passion and having a reason to get up in the morning. Continue reading “How To Incorporate Ikigai Into Your Positive Mental Health Routine”


Hanami Season

Mental health is

a cherry blossom

swirling in the wind

precious, delicate

rising and falling with seasons

blooming in times of brightness

waning in the absence of light

beautiful to behold

when left to grow free

a spectacle to unite

friends and family

too long from your side

let the petals run through your fingers

and know that you are one of many

who will bloom in the darkest of circumstances

the blackest of nights

and live on in the face of adversity


Sky Lantern

An epiphany is like a match struck in total darkness
it illuminates a road you never knew was there
keep the spark alive until it becomes an anchor

But what happens when your tether
is made from grief and regret?
It becomes a spectating sport
a ghost trapped behind glass walls

Cut the strings
turn all doubt into a lantern
wrap it with wishes
until the wick burns brightly
with hope exhumed from
a place of happy memories

Cast your latern off
let it rise among a thousand others
who want the world to see
they aren’t defined by a single moment
let it become a celebration for everything
left behind in the dirt

Worries drift away
into a night filled with small mercies
when final twinkle appears on the horizon
you’ll know you’re free

(This poem originally appeared in EastLit Magazine)