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Guest Post: The Challenges Of Making Sake Outside Of Japan (Part 2)

This follow up article builds on the two areas – “ingredients and equipment” – previously investigated which continue to cause challenges to international sake breweries, often leaving their owners scratching their heads, and reaching for their cheque books.

So, assuming you have your brewery now built and all the ingredients to hand, ready for that first fermentation, can you confidently fire up the rice washer and steamer with enough knowhow to make even a passable end sake?

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Japanese Cuisine

Roku Gin Review: Multi-Layered And Memorable

Japanese drinks are some of the most diverse beverages on the planet. There’s a certain craftsmanship that must be admired in the brewing process of Japanese alcohol. This can be seen in the amount of effort that toji, master sake brewers, put into the production of sake. The same level of care is given to other beverages like gin, and my favourite type happens to be Roku gin. Continue reading “Roku Gin Review: Multi-Layered And Memorable”

Japanese Cuisine

Is Sake Good For Vegans?

One of the most interesting aspects of Japanese cuisine is sake. Often praised for its purity, sake can be enjoyed with a wide variety of food, which ranges from fish to meat. Made from koji mold, rice and water, sake is both complex and simple at the same time.

With the food and beverage industry becoming more conscious of healthier diets like gluten-free and vegan alternatives, products are being tailored to fit with evolving consumer tastes. And while sake is enjoyable, it begs the question as to whether it’s suitable for vegans. Continue reading “Is Sake Good For Vegans?”