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Sake, Shochu And Drinks Galore: Launching The Drink To That Newsletter

Being in a bar or a restaurant is transformative. Venues like that are an intersection of new cultures, communication, excitement and storytelling. Drinks play a vital role in creating these experiences, with Japanese drinks like sake and shochu elevating nights out, intimate lunches and conversations with friends.

Sake is one of my favourite drinks. But it’s not the only thing that floats my boat. I’m pleased to announce the launch of Drink To That, a newsletter for imbibing knowledge, celebrating the hospitality industry and providing content marketing tips for drink brands.

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Making The Case For Koshu Sake

Embarking on a journey into the sake world means coming across a countless number of varietals.  From the type of rice used to the final flavour, there’s so much variation across the categories and a type of nihonshu that’s gained traction in recent years is koshu.

Known as aged sake, koshu can be recognised by its distinctive dark colouring and depth of flavour. Although there are no official rules for the category, sake must be aged for a minimum of three years to qualify as koshu. 

While considered a niche product today, there was a time where koshu was considered the cream of the crop, signifying its potential to rise to the top of the mountain again. The history of koshu is like the drink itself: intriguing, complex, full of contradictions.

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Hakushu Distiller’s Reserve Whisky Review: Herbal Freshness For The Win!

When it comes to Japanese whisky, Suntory is the undisputed king of consistency. Over the years, the brewing giant has created countless blends that have delighted consumers around the world. Western drinkers can’t seem to get enough of Suntory’s attention to detail and craftsmanship. All of their whiskies are brewed with care, and one of the most impressive variants is the Hakushu Distiller’s Reserve whisky. Continue reading “Hakushu Distiller’s Reserve Whisky Review: Herbal Freshness For The Win!”