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Sake Kasu Cheese Scones Recipe

Sake kasu cheese scones recipe.

Incorporating Japanese ingredients into your cooking is a sure-fire way to elevate a dish, adding a whole new world of flavours. In particular, sake is an exceptional ingredient, working as a liquid to thicken up a sauce, braise food and include some oomph in a Japan-inspired meal.

Have you ever considered using sake kasu in a recipe? During the pressing stage in sake production, solid lees are separated from the mash and work as their own unique product. This sake kasu embodies the Japanese philosophy of not leaving behind any waste and can be put to good use in your cooking.

With that in mind, here is my sake kasu cheese scone recipe that’s super easy and really brings on some delicious flavours!

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Japanese Cuisine

Wasabi Macaroni And Cheese With Nori Dressing Recipe

Wasabi Mac and cheese.

Japanese ingredients are incredibly versatile, working with a number of dishes to draw out certain flavour profiles and an ingredient that I’ve enjoyed experimenting with recently is wasabi. 

Pairing this spicy Japanese staple with one of my favourite comfort foods seemed like a no brainer. So, let me introduce my wasabi macaroni and cheese recipe with nori seaweed.

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Japanese Cuisine

Wafu Shochu Pasta Jumble With Tofu And Cannellini Beans

Bringing together food from different cultures can be a fun way to experiment with new dishes and develop unexpected flavour combinations. That’s why I enjoy creating wafu meals that combine European aesthetics with Japanese ingredients and cooking techniques.

Pasta is one of the easiest ingredients to mix into a wafu meal, especially when using leftovers. With that in mind, here is my wafu pasta jumble recipe that includes tofu and cannellini beans soaked in a homemade shochu roux.

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Wafu Shiitake Mushroom Fusilli With Tomato And Nihonshu Sauce Recipe

Wafu food is the meeting of Japanese ingredients and western cooking and pasta is a wonderful arena for wafu experimentation. My latest recipe is scrumptious fusilli pasta that features savoury shiitake mushrooms slathered in homemade tomato sauce infused with sake. Continue reading “Wafu Shiitake Mushroom Fusilli With Tomato And Nihonshu Sauce Recipe”

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Savoury Umami Porridge With Fried Egg Recipe (Perfect For Winter!)

When it comes to breakfast, porridge is a staple meal. But it can often be unexciting if you’re just eating it with milk or water every day. Mixing different ingredients with oats can make for a much more interesting breakfast and sweet toppings are a popular choice. But have you ever considered savoury porridge? It’s a revelation for me!  

A savoury porridge I love eating relies on two classic Japanese ingredients: soy sauce and butter. Top it off with a fried egg and you’ve got a wholesome, filling breakfast that’s packed full of umami. And best of all, it’s easy to make. Continue reading “Savoury Umami Porridge With Fried Egg Recipe (Perfect For Winter!)”

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Wafu Adzuki Spaghetti With Homemade Sake Sauce Recipe

Japanese cooking is defined by precise techniques and an attention to detail with varied ingredients. The versatile nature of Japanese food means there is plenty of opportunity for experimentation and fusion. This has led to the birth of a cooking discipline called wafu, which means ‘Japanese style.’

At its core, wafu is about bringing western food and Japanese preparation techniques together for fusion meals such as wafu pasta. I decided to combine the heartiness of Italian cooking with the elegance of Japanese ingredients by making healthy wafu pasta in a sweet tomato sake sauce served with adzuki beans and roasted nori (seaweed). Continue reading “Wafu Adzuki Spaghetti With Homemade Sake Sauce Recipe”