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Natto Breakfast Bowl Recipe

Natto breakfast bowl recipe.

Natto. The marmite of Japanese food. Either you love it or you hate it and it’s definitely one of the most unique Japanese meals you’ll come across. This fermented soybean dish can be recognised by its slimy texture, pungent smell and cheesy qualities. It’s also recognised for its health benefits, helping to improve digestion, potentially lowering blood pressure and promoting a healthier heart.

After trying it for the first time recently, I’ve fallen into the ‘I love Natto’ camp and see it as an extremely versatile ingredient. It was one of the main attractions in my natto breakfast bowl and here is the recipe.

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Japanese Cuisine

Vegetarian Wafu Conchiglie Pasta With Tofu and Sake Sauce

As a creative outlet, cooking is extremely satisfying. There’s so much opportunity to combine different ingredients and develop unique dishes. And one of the most distinctive cooking methods is wafu, which translates to ‘Japanese style.’ By bringing together Japanese ingredients with western cooking, you have the potential for out of this world cuisine.

I love experimenting with wafu pasta and a recipe that I’ve come up with recently is a vegetarian dish that uses conchiglie and tofu to create a rich umami texture. Continue reading “Vegetarian Wafu Conchiglie Pasta With Tofu and Sake Sauce”