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Guest Post: Sui Sui Sui Junmai Ginjo By Morikuni Sake Brewery Co. Ltd Review

Craft beer’s monumental shake-up of traditional food and drink combos has seen IPAs, pilsners and stouts appear on the menus of diners for which such a move would have been unthinkable just ten years ago. Where some form of wine was previously the only ‘recommended pairing’ for just about any dish in just about any restaurant, suddenly a good quality beer from the likes of Cloudwater, Verdant or The Kernel is just as acceptable, and arguably more accessible and affordable for many.

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Japanese Cuisine

Nduja Udon With Bacon And Polenta Recipe

Nduja udon with bacon and polenta recipe.

Cooking fusion food is an excellent way to experiment with different flavours and influences from other cultures. And I’m back with another recipe that brings together my two favourite types of food: Japanese and Italian. I wanted to create a dish that celebrated my Calabrian heritage, while maintaining a Japanese aesthetic.

The result was a spicy bowl of udon noodles coated with Calabrian nduja sausage and mixed with bacon, polenta and a nori garnish. It’s an easy, delicious meal to make for when you want a quick lunch or dinner. Continue reading “Nduja Udon With Bacon And Polenta Recipe”

Japanese Cuisine

Would You Try A Pizza Topped With Ramen? (I Have And It’s Awesome)

There are few foods in the world that are as universally accepted as pizza. From the humble Margarita to the tried and tested Hawaiian, the annals of pizza history are as hallowed as the toppings. Some prefer classic variations, while others like their food to be more creative. But how would you feel about biting into a pizza that was topped with ramen noodles? Crazy? Epic? Or just downright delicious? Such a pizza does exist. Enter the Japanese inspired Send Noodz. Continue reading “Would You Try A Pizza Topped With Ramen? (I Have And It’s Awesome)”