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The Real Japanese Izakaya Cookbook Review: An Excellent Book To Have In Your Kitchen

The Real Japanese Izakaya Cookbook has loads of amazing recipes for people who want to cook Japanese food at home.

Japanese cooking features some of the most enjoyable ingredients on the planet and an izakaya is one of the best places to enjoy traditional Japanese fare. Famous for a small-plate style of serving, izakayas are a wonderful place to share a meal with friends and family.

The Real Japanese Izakaya Cookbook, written by Wataru Yokota, takes the reader on a journey through 120 classic izakaya dishes that can be cooked from home. Continue reading “The Real Japanese Izakaya Cookbook Review: An Excellent Book To Have In Your Kitchen”



On a night where anything can happen

follow the trail of red lanterns

into backstreets heavy with anticipation

where the pulse of society crackles at your fingertips

Otoshida arimasuka?

Ikura desuka ka?



Come, come

Down into the rabbit hole

To worship at the altar of crooners

Humming to jazz on that old jukebox in the corner

Watch salarymen rub shoulders with wastrels

Bonding at the banquet fit for a shogun

Yakitori, yakisoba, yaki-get me another beer

No, make it sake

Gingo, schminjo

Drink until the break of dawn

And stagger back into the half-formed world

Called Monday