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Kuro Kirishima Shochu Review: Deceptively Complex And Smooth As Hell

Kuro kirishima shochu has a deceptively complex taste.

Shochu is one of Japan’s most exciting beverages. There’s a huge variety of ingredients and every type has its own unique flavour and profile. One of the most interesting types I’ve tried recently is Kuro Kirishima shochu supplied by Japanese restaurant Shoryu in Manchester.

Tasting this particular kind of shochu was a big deal because it officially signifies that I’ve tried all the shochu that Shoryu has to offer (Can you tell how much I enjoy eating there?). Continue reading “Kuro Kirishima Shochu Review: Deceptively Complex And Smooth As Hell”

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Suntory Toki Review: A Timeless Japanese Whisky

Japanese whisky features some of the most diverse flavours that I’ve ever tasted from alcohol. In fact, it’s the Japanese variety that has become my gateway into the whisky world. From the fiery punch of Hibiki Harmony, to the milder, sweeter taste of Akashi Tai White Oak Red, I’ve enjoyed making my way through several blends.

Another whisky I’ve been able to tick off my list recently is Suntory Toki. An interesting type of blended whisky, Toki has a mix of flavours that stand the test of time. Continue reading “Suntory Toki Review: A Timeless Japanese Whisky”

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Urakasumi Honjikomi Honjozo Review: Smooth And Memorable

One of quickest ways to immerse yourself in a different culture is to try food and drink that you might never had had before. Trying sake has been my way of learning more about Japanese culture. The amount of craftsmanship that goes into making nihonshu is brilliant. From the fruitiest junmai ginjo, to the smoothest honjozo, the world of sake has a drink for everyone.

Drinking warm sake is an experience in itself. And a sake I’d recommend drinking warm is Urakasumi Honjikomi honjozo. With a punchy flavour and smooth profile, the Honjikomoni has even more depth when served hot. Continue reading “Urakasumi Honjikomi Honjozo Review: Smooth And Memorable”

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Shiranami Kuro Shochu Review: Mild, Sweet And Memorable

Shiranami kuro shochu review

Japanese culture has a unique identity, and that goes for Japanese sake as well. Ever since discovering shochu, I’ve been making my way through different blends. No shochu is ever the same as the last one. That comes down to the level of craftmanship from the people in the sake breweries who pour their heart and soul into the work.  

The most recent shochu I’ve tried is Shiranami kuro (black). From the first sip I knew it had a distinctive flavour that set it apart from other kinds of sake. Continue reading “Shiranami Kuro Shochu Review: Mild, Sweet And Memorable”

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Celebrating World Sake Day 2019

There are certain days throughout the year that bring excitement. Birthdays, Christmas and holidays come to mind. And then there are more obscure events like World Sake Day. Held every year on the 1st October, World Sake day celebrates Japanese alcohol. Having developed a taste for sake in 2019, this is the first time I’m celebrating it. Continue reading “Celebrating World Sake Day 2019”

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Kannoko Barley Shochu Review: An Excellent Choice For Whisky Drinkers

Japanese shochu is one of the most intriguing types of alcoholic drinks in the world. The range of ingredients and flavours make it both complex and memorable. Through discovering sake experts like Christopher Pellegrini and John Gauntner, I’ve been inspired to taste as many different types of shochu as possible.

Kannoko mugi (barley) shochu is one of the most interesting variations I’ve had recently. The name translates to ‘river protected by the gods’ and is associated with a stream in South Kagoshima. With a similar profile to western whisky, I found the Kannoko to be both familiar and new. Continue reading “Kannoko Barley Shochu Review: An Excellent Choice For Whisky Drinkers”

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Nakajima Shiroku Yuzushu Review: Perfect For Sake Drinkers With A Sweet Tooth

nakajima shiroku yuzushu

In my efforts to learn more about Japanese culture, I’ve been trying a range of different drinks native to the Land of the Rising Sun. What I’ve come to love about sake is how complex it is. There are as many contradictions as there are questions about it. With so many different varieties, it’s interesting to taste sake based on the flavours and where it was made in Japan.

Dessert sake is an intriguing subset. Considered sweeter than other forms of sake, there are many bottles to try. Nakajima Shiroku Yuzushu is a dessert sake I tasted recently. Read on to find out what my thoughts are. Continue reading “Nakajima Shiroku Yuzushu Review: Perfect For Sake Drinkers With A Sweet Tooth”

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Nizawa Atago No Sakura Junmai Daiginjo Review: As Memorable As A Cherry Blossom In Spring

sakura sake

In the realm of sake, junmai daiginjo is a major talking point among nihonshu drinkers. Considered to be a high premium grade, junmai daiginjo sake has its fair share of admirers. I’m of the opinion that all sake is worth drinking. Each blend has its own unique flavour and no two bottles are ever the same.

But crossing into junmai daiginjo territory is always fun, and that’s exactly what I did with a bottle of Nizawa atago no sakura. Taking influence from the Japanese cherry blossom, this sake is certainly memorable. Continue reading “Nizawa Atago No Sakura Junmai Daiginjo Review: As Memorable As A Cherry Blossom In Spring”

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Akashi-Tai Shiraume Umeshu Review: A Festive Dessert Sake With A Mouth-Watering Plum Taste

Becoming immersed in a different style of eating and drinking is an excellent way to gain an appreciation for another culture. I’ve been immersing myself in Japanese culture by sampling different kinds of sake and gradually becoming more obsessed with the industry. One of the most recent bottles I’ve tried is Akashi-Tai shiraume umeshu.

A complex dessert sake, the shiraume umeshu has shot straight to the top of my favourite drinks list. Aromatic, mouth-watering and full-bodied, it’s the type of nihonshu that can be broken out for special occasions. Continue reading “Akashi-Tai Shiraume Umeshu Review: A Festive Dessert Sake With A Mouth-Watering Plum Taste”