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Guest Post: Mikkeller Japanese Rice Lager Review

Whilst its reputation as a renowned and celebrated craft beer brewery is undisputable, what exactly Mikkeller has to do with Japan or its culture that would warrant a spot in this magazine is somewhat less obvious… at least at first.

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Shimane Weizen Beer Review: Golden, Glorious And Gentle

The Shiname Weizen wheat beer has an ABV of 5%.

The craft beer boom has given breweries an unprecedented amount of freedom to test new flavours and constantly reinvent the idea of what makes a refreshing pint. Japanese breweries like the Shimane Beer Company are at the forefront of this runaway success, producing a wide range of craft beer that can now be found all over the world.

A beer I tried from the brewery recently was Shimane Weizen, a 5% German-style hefeweizen that went down only too well. Continue reading “Shimane Weizen Beer Review: Golden, Glorious And Gentle”

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Hitachino Nest White Pale Ale Review: A Grand Introductory Japanese Craft Beer

Hitachino White Ale is one of the brand's most popular beers.

Japanese craft beer ranks among some of the best tipple that I’ve tasted and a brand I keep returning to is Hitachino Nest. Brewed by the venerable Kiuchi Brewery, the Hitachino Nest range features an eclectic mixture of flavours that make every drinking experience unique.

The Hitachino white ale is a solid beer that can be sipped with or without a meal. Continue reading “Hitachino Nest White Pale Ale Review: A Grand Introductory Japanese Craft Beer”

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Hitachino Nest Dai Dai Review: Sweet And Sour In Perfect Harmony

The Hitachino Nest brand is known for producing some excellent Japanese craft beers. Created by the Kiuchi brewery, Hitachino Nest was built on the philosophy of importing western hops and perfecting them in the Japanese brewing style. And as a result, some top-quality tipple has been created.

One of my favourite Hitachino Nest beers is Dai Dai, a fruity IPA that’s both refreshing and palate-cleansing. Continue reading “Hitachino Nest Dai Dai Review: Sweet And Sour In Perfect Harmony”

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Natsu Beer Review: Easy To Drink And Ideal For Summer

 Wagamama is one of the UK’s best-known Japanese restaurant chains. Having served diners since 1992, the Wagamama brand has continually evolved across all food offerings. The same can be said for the drink selection, with Wagamama fully embracing the craft beer boom.

Curious to know more, I recently tried the Wagamama exclusive natsu beer. Meaning ‘summer’ in Japanese, natsu has a tropical flavour that makes it stand out against the savoury dishes that the restaurant offers. Continue reading “Natsu Beer Review: Easy To Drink And Ideal For Summer”

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Runaway Brewery Gari Gose Review: Manchester Meets Japan With Spicy And Sour Notes

Gari Gose review

There’s something special about tasting a beer brewed in your local area. It strengthens the connection you have to your hometown, which is exactly how I feel every time I taste a beer from Manchester. It’s even better when the beer has Japanese influences.

Runaway Brewery is one of Manchester’s biggest craft beer brewers and they have created a special Japanese concoction called Gari Gose. Done in collaboration with legendary local sushi restaurant Umezushi (which sadly closed its doors), Gari Gose combines northern hardiness with the complexity of Japanese ingredients. Continue reading “Runaway Brewery Gari Gose Review: Manchester Meets Japan With Spicy And Sour Notes”

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Mori 1984 Flying Pale Ale Review: A Solid, Everyman Kind Of Beer

An aspect of Yamato Magazine that I’m keen to emphasise is collaboration. Whether helping to promote a new type of sake or interviewing a Japanese tea aficionado, Yamato Magazine is open to working with people who’re passionate about Japan. Recently, I’ve collaborated with Japanese craft brewer Mori 1984 around their beer. So, here’s an honest review of the brewery’s Flying Pale Ale. Continue reading “Mori 1984 Flying Pale Ale Review: A Solid, Everyman Kind Of Beer”

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Mori 1984 Nihon Kai IPA Review: A Damn Good Japanese Craft Beer

Mori 1984 Nihon Kai IPA

From a creative perspective, collaboration is exciting. It’s the opportunity to branch out into different areas and showcase passion around a certain topic. That’s why I’m pleased to present Yamato Magazine’s first official collaboration with Japanese craft brewing company Mori 1984.

The company’s founder, David De La Torre, sent over a few samples to try in exchange for an honest review. First up is the unique Nihon Kai IPA. Continue reading “Mori 1984 Nihon Kai IPA Review: A Damn Good Japanese Craft Beer”

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Abashiri Prison Stout Review: The Kind Of Beer You’d Enjoy In Front Of An Open Fire

In my mission to learn more about Japan, I’ve taken to trying different kind of Japanese alcohol. Whether it’s a nutty tasting nihonshu or smoky shochu, nothing is off limits. On the Japanese beer front, I’ve never really known anything beyond a bottle of universally accepted Kirin or Asahi. So, stepping outside of my comfort zone with a bottle of Abashiri Kangoku no Kuro (Prison Stout) was a delight. Continue reading “Abashiri Prison Stout Review: The Kind Of Beer You’d Enjoy In Front Of An Open Fire”

The Kokoro Files

The Kokoro Files: David De La Torre

The Kokoro Files highlights the connections between everyday people and Japan. The Japanese alcohol industry has inspired people all over the world, and David De La Torre was determined to find his way into the industry at all costs.

David is the founder of Japanese craft beer, Mori 1984. With a range of unique flavours and an emphasis on soft water, Mori 1984 certainly stands out in the craft beer market. Yamato Magazine caught up with David about the story behind the beer and how a trip to Hiroshima gave him the inspiration to shape the brand. Continue reading “The Kokoro Files: David De La Torre”