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Sate Your Hunger For Japanese Food Knowledge With The Awesome Japan Eats! Podcast

Japan Eats! Podcast

When Japanese food comes to mind, ideas immediately form. Sushi, ramen, katsu curry, yakitori. Meals that have taken the world by storm and can be found in some form or another just about anywhere these days. Yet there is so much more to explore and the depth to be found in Japanese food is truly extraordinary.

If you have a hunger to learn more about the beauty, history and flavours of Japanese food, then it’s time to add a new podcast to your list. Japan Eats!, hosted by Akiko Katayama, dives deep into the exciting world of Japanese cuisine.

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Book Reviews

The Japanese Sake Bible Review: Comprehensive, Entertaining And Unputdownable

The Japanese Sake Bible.

Sake is the heart of Japan. It’s magical, mystical and historically rich. It tells of stories that are thousands of years old and the tireless efforts of master craftsmen brewing fantastic booze. It’s a bridge between worlds, connecting western drinkers with a beverage that opens up a whole new world of drinking opportunities. It’s transformative, always changing, altering perceptions wherever it’s experienced.  

Sake is all of these things and more. Brian Ashcraft’s The Japanese Sake Bible does an exceptional job of capturing all the qualities that make nihonshu one of the most diverse and exciting drinks in the world. Chock full of detail from leading sake brewers and poetic tasting notes, The Japanese Sake Bible is perfect for anyone who wants to worship at the altar of nihonshu.

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Shochu Reviews

Daiyame Sweet Potato Is The Ideal Shochu For Wine Drinkers

Daiyame shochu is produced by the Hamada Syuzou brewery to celebrate its 150 year anniversary.

Shochu is one of the most unique spirits on the planet because of the variety of ingredients that it’s made from and distinctive flavour profiles. Whether it’s imo (sweet potato) or mugi (barley) shochu, you’re guaranteed a different drinking experience from each spirit that you try.

The Hamada Syuzou brewery has earnt a reputation for producing some of the finest shochu in the world. And the brewery’s Daiyame shochu is exactly the kind of drink that will make you fall in love with Japan’s national spirit. Smooth, fresh and aromatic, this award-winning shochu deserves plenty of praise. Continue reading “Daiyame Sweet Potato Is The Ideal Shochu For Wine Drinkers”

The Kokoro Files

The Kokoro Files: Stephanie Buttery

Taking inspiration from another culture can be a life-changing decision. When Stephanie Buttery travelled to Japan, she immersed herself in the local drinking culture and returned to the UK with a goal of starting her own business. As the founder of the premium soft drinks brand, Chu-Lo, Buttery has created a drink inspired by Japanese chuhai.

After meeting Buttery at the Doki Doki Festival in Manchester, I wanted to hear the Chu-Lo story and what motivated her to start her own business. Continue reading “The Kokoro Files: Stephanie Buttery”

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Hibiki Japanese Harmony Review: A Fireball Of Flavour With Subtle Notes Of Sweetness

Japanese drink making is revered for its attention to craftsmanship and detail. With each year, more and more western consumers are becoming interested in sampling the elegance of Japan’s finest beverages. Japanese whisky is an excellent example of the western world’s craving for unique flavours.  

Brands like Suntory and Nikka have been able to capitalise on this opportunity by introducing a range of whiskies to the UK, Europe and America.  As a newbie to the world of Japanese whisky, I’ve begun to explore different blends and one that has stood out is Suntory’s Hibiki Japanese Harmony blend. Continue reading “Hibiki Japanese Harmony Review: A Fireball Of Flavour With Subtle Notes Of Sweetness”

Japanese Cuisine

Roku Gin Review: Multi-Layered And Memorable

Japanese drinks are some of the most diverse beverages on the planet. There’s a certain craftsmanship that must be admired in the brewing process of Japanese alcohol. This can be seen in the amount of effort that toji, master sake brewers, put into the production of sake. The same level of care is given to other beverages like gin, and my favourite type happens to be Roku gin. Continue reading “Roku Gin Review: Multi-Layered And Memorable”

The Kokoro Files

The Kokoro Files: John Callow

The Kokoro Files is a series that celebrates Japan through the stories of everyday people. Sake is a well-known aspect of Japanese dining, but some people may be unware of how it’s brewed or what kind of temperature the drink can be enjoyed at. That’s why it’s worth asking an expert like certified sake sommelier John Callow.

I enjoyed interviewing John about his experiences as a sake sommelier and the differences between specific blends of sake. Read on to find out what kind of sake John would recommend and the types of food that work best with this classic Japanese concoction. Continue reading “The Kokoro Files: John Callow”