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Guest Post: 4 Sake Recommendations From Nihonshu Expert Justin Potts

Justin Potts.

I’m generally hesitant to recommend a sake based solely on the criteria of a drinker’s lack of experience with the category, and generally leery of any such recommendations, finding most “for first-timer” lists rather dubious at best. The reason is that, even if someone hasn’t had many previous opportunities to encounter sake, it doesn’t mean that they don’t bring a lot to the table. Everyone, whether they are conscious of it or not, comes packed with preferences based on all kinds of food and beverage experiences and influences. From my personal experience, there exists no single “starter sake” (or starter wine, beer, coffee, or any beverage, for that matter), but there does exist an entry point sake unique to each individual at any one point in time. The process of finding that is finding the joy, not just in sake, but across all kinds of food and beverage.

For this list, I’ve put together a few recommendations that I feel are not only reasonable starting points across the spectrum but are also sake that you’ll likely wind up continuing to come back to. Not just because they’re rather tasty, but because they have a lot of subtle character, as well; a lot of which will really become more apparent with time. You’ll get out of these sake as much as the time you’re willing to put into them, which is really true of any healthy relationship, no?

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A Recommendation Guide For First Time Sake Drinkers From 6 Industry Experts

Sake is a wonderful drink. Versatile, sessionable, complex and simple, all of these words sum up what sake is, even when it might sound contradictory. That’s the beauty of an industry that produces a range of styles suited to different palates.

Falling down the nihonshu rabbit hole can be a rewarding experience, as it provides a window into centuries of Japanese craftmanship. But before setting off on that journey, it’s natural to ask ‘where the hell am I meant to start?’ Good question.

If you’re thinking of trying sake for the first time, here’s a list that’s been put together from experts across the industry.  With detailed tasting notes and a background of different breweries, you’ll come away with a deeper appreciation of Japan’s national drink.

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The Kokoro Files

The Kokoro Files: Justin Potts

Justin Potts is a co-host of Sake on Air.

The Kokoro Files shares the stories of people and their connection to Japan. This connection takes many forms, and in the case of Justin Potts, it set him off on a life-long quest to learn all there is about nihonshu. A co-host of the amazing Sake on Air podcast, food and beverage entrepreneur and Master of Sake, Justin has plenty of stories to share about his love affair with sake.

Read on to learn about how his journey started, the genesis of Sake on Air and where he feels the industry is going.

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6 Sake Experts Worth Knowing About

Sake is one of the most fascinating aspects of Japanese culture, running the gamut from social drinks like nihonshu,to versatile beverages like shochu. The world of sake is contradictory and complex, but there are experts out there who can guide you through the landscape of Japanese alcohol. They are the people who see sake as a calling and have dedicated themselves to bringing greater awareness to the industry. From a shochu professional to the world’s leading non-Japanese sake evangelist, here are six sake experts that you need to know about. Continue reading “6 Sake Experts Worth Knowing About”

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Improve Your Knowledge Of Sake By Listening To The Fascinating Sake On Air Podcast

It’s no secret that podcasts have become one of the most popular forms of content. Not only can they be accessed from anywhere, but they also provide a quick source of information for listeners who want to learn about new topics. That’s exactly what’s happened for me by listening to the Sake On Air podcast, a show that explores the wonderfully complex world of sake and the people who are passionate about it. Continue reading “Improve Your Knowledge Of Sake By Listening To The Fascinating Sake On Air Podcast”