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Hinomaru Bekkaku Daiginjo Review: Nihonshu Fit For Royalty

Hinomaru Bekkau daiginjo is produced by Hinomaru Jozo in Akita Prefecture.

In the sake world, daiginjo is a phrase that’s associated with high-quality craftsmanship. The same can be said for sake across all categories, yet daiginjo is often positioned at the top because of the high rice polishing rate that goes into its production. In the case of Bekkaku daiginjo, the association with exceptional sake is spot on.

Elegant, smooth and enchanting, the Bekkaku daiginjo is nihonshu fit for royalty. 

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Kuncho Nigori Review: All The Best Qualities Of Afternoon Tea Poured Into A Glass

Kuncho nigori sake has notes of clotted cream, plum and lemon.

When it comes to sake, ban ryu is an appropriate phrase to use, as it translates from Japanese to ‘a thousand ways.’ This sums up the many different paths to crafting nihonshu and the huge volume of styles that are waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. 

Nigorizake (cloudy) sake is a distinctive style with a unique set of flavour profiles, due to how it’s produced. It’s sake with rice particles that have been left over from the filtration process. 

Rather than pressing the sake out of the moromi (main fermentation mash) through a fine filter, nigori is crafted with a mesh filter, leaving behind some of the solids, giving nigori it’s cloudy appearance. 

A great nigori that I tried recently was produced by the Kuncho brewery located in Oita prefecture. The flavours were unlike anything I’ve experienced in drink form before.

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