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Discover The Beauty Of Nihonshu With Peter Street Kitchen’s Sake Masterclass

The Japanese sake industry has been built on centuries of tradition, yet outside of Japan, nihonshu is a niche drink that many westerners are unfamiliar with. I’ve found learning about sake to be a fascinating experience, and it was that curiosity that inspired me to take part in the sake masterclass evening at Peter Street Kitchen in Manchester. With the opportunity to try several different blends of nihonshu, it’s safe to say I felt like a kid in a candy store. Continue reading “Discover The Beauty Of Nihonshu With Peter Street Kitchen’s Sake Masterclass”

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Starting My Journey Into The Realm Of Shochu With Bizan Clear

Japanese sake consists of some of the most multifaceted drinks I’ve ever tasted, and it’s become something of a mission to improve my knowledge about as many different varieties as possible. Shochu is a big part of the sake world. Blended from a mixture of sweet potato, buckwheat, barley, kokuto brown sugar and other ingredients, shochu can be described as kind of diet whisky.

Having learned about shochu from the engaging Christopher Pellegrini, I tracked down a Japanese restaurant in my native city of Manchester that sold the beverage. Read on to discover my thoughts on trying shochu for the very first time. Continue reading “Starting My Journey Into The Realm Of Shochu With Bizan Clear”

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Tuck Into A Sashimi Feast At Sushi Marvel In Manchester

The Japanese food scene in Manchester is among the best in the UK. Ramen joints, fusion restaurants and street food vendors offer some of the most diverse eating experiences within the city, and another Japanese food venue that deserves to be recognised is Sushi Marvel. A Japanese delicatessen, Sushi Marvel have sites in the leafy suburb of Chorlton and the hip city neighbourhood of Ancoats. Continue reading “Tuck Into A Sashimi Feast At Sushi Marvel In Manchester”

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Sendai Girls’ Pro Wrestling Comes To The UK For The First Time And Puts On A Historic Show In Manchester

Professional wrestling is an industry that thrives on the unexpected. Wrestlers dedicate their lives to putting on an experience that shocks and excites the audience. They put their bodies on the line and tell stories that connect with people on an emotional level.

Women’s wrestling has never been more popular, with companies like Sendai Girls’ Pro Wrestling stepping up to push boundaries and ignite the crowd. On 27th July 2019, it was a historic night for Sendai because they brought the show to the UK for the first time. Held in Manchester, the Japanese organisation pulled out all the stops to ensure it would be a show that UK audiences would remember for years to come. Continue reading “Sendai Girls’ Pro Wrestling Comes To The UK For The First Time And Puts On A Historic Show In Manchester”

Japanese Cuisine

Oishi-Q Review: Cheap, Cheerful And Consistent Japanese Food

What’s better than eating delicious Japanese food at a restaurant? Eating tasty Japanese food at an affordable price! This was the case when I visited Japanese street food venue Oishi-Q in Manchester. Welcoming and relaxed, Oishi-Q offers a menu that runs the gamut from Japanese classic small plates like Agadashi Tofu, to larger, more filling plates like Unagi Don grilled eel with boiled egg and asparagus. Continue reading “Oishi-Q Review: Cheap, Cheerful And Consistent Japanese Food”

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Enjoy An Authentic Japanese Street Food Experience At Intoku In Manchester

Street food is one of my biggest loves. It’s the perfect opportunity to discover meals you might never have tried unless you happened to wander into a market or took a wrong turn down some dodgy back alley. Manchester is a mecca of street food, and the best place to find delicious portions on a regular basis is to visit the food market in the Manchester Arndale Centre.

On a recent visit I came across Intoku, a Japanese food stall that piqued my curiosity. Within minutes, my curiosity developed into a full stomach that left me feeling wholly satisfied. Intoku is a place where big things are happening in the kitchen. Continue reading “Enjoy An Authentic Japanese Street Food Experience At Intoku In Manchester”

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The Kokoro Files: John Callow

The Kokoro Files is a series that celebrates Japan through the stories of everyday people. Sake is a well-known aspect of Japanese dining, but some people may be unware of how it’s brewed or what kind of temperature the drink can be enjoyed at. That’s why it’s worth asking an expert like certified sake sommelier John Callow.

I enjoyed interviewing John about his experiences as a sake sommelier and the differences between specific blends of sake. Read on to find out what kind of sake John would recommend and the types of food that work best with this classic Japanese concoction. Continue reading “The Kokoro Files: John Callow”

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Manchester’s Tokyo Ramen Offers Some Of The Tastiest Broths In The North West Of England

When it comes to Japanese food, ramen is at the top of my satisfying meal list. A lot of creativity can be infused into a single bowl of broth and I’m a mission to uncover the best ramen joints around. Luckily, there’s no shortage of Japanese restaurants in Manchester, which is why I dropped by Tokyo Ramen to taste their wares. Continue reading “Manchester’s Tokyo Ramen Offers Some Of The Tastiest Broths In The North West Of England”

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Come For A Japanese Taste Sensation At Cocktail Beer Ramen + Bun In Manchester

One of my favourite things about living in Manchester is having access to top level bars and restaurants. In recent years, the city has seen a rise in Japanese venues, adding some great variety to an already thriving food scene. If you’re ever in Manchester and find yourself craving Japanese cuisine, I’d recommend stopping off at a Cocktail Beer Ramen + Bun. This late-night ramen joint has it all: great food, great atmosphere, great staying power. Continue reading “Come For A Japanese Taste Sensation At Cocktail Beer Ramen + Bun In Manchester”

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The Definitive Guide To Japanese Manchester

Travelling is one of the best ways to expand your knowledge of the world. But it’s not the only way to embrace a new culture. Exploring local communities and experiences are eye-opening in their own right. I’m fascinated by Japan and there are plenty of Japanese related activities in my home city of Manchester. There’s restaurants, bars, societies and exhibits dedicated to celebrating the Land of the Rising Sun. It’s why I’ve put together a guide for anyone who wants to explore Manchester through the lens of Japanese culture. Continue reading “The Definitive Guide To Japanese Manchester”