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Mio Sparkling Sake Review: Light, Airy And Pleasantly Sweet

Flavour variation is one of the most exciting aspects of the sake industry. From the fruity flavours of junmai ginjo, to the savoury textures of a well-made honjozo, sake has plenty to offer in the taste department.

In recent years, sparkling sake has emerged as a popular beverage for a younger generation of nihonshu drinkers. With a lower ABV percentage and lighter quality than other grades, sparkling sake is worth trying. Recently, I tasted a bottle of Mio sparkling sake and found it to be an extremely pleasant drink. Continue reading “Mio Sparkling Sake Review: Light, Airy And Pleasantly Sweet”

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Discover The Beauty Of Nihonshu With Peter Street Kitchen’s Sake Masterclass

The Japanese sake industry has been built on centuries of tradition, yet outside of Japan, nihonshu is a niche drink that many westerners are unfamiliar with. I’ve found learning about sake to be a fascinating experience, and it was that curiosity that inspired me to take part in the sake masterclass evening at Peter Street Kitchen in Manchester. With the opportunity to try several different blends of nihonshu, it’s safe to say I felt like a kid in a candy store. Continue reading “Discover The Beauty Of Nihonshu With Peter Street Kitchen’s Sake Masterclass”