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Mori 1984 Nihon Kai IPA Review: A Damn Good Japanese Craft Beer

Mori 1984 Nihon Kai IPA

From a creative perspective, collaboration is exciting. It’s the opportunity to branch out into different areas and showcase passion around a certain topic. That’s why I’m pleased to present Yamato Magazine’s first official collaboration with Japanese craft brewing company Mori 1984.

The company’s founder, David De La Torre, sent over a few samples to try in exchange for an honest review. First up is the unique Nihon Kai IPA. Continue reading “Mori 1984 Nihon Kai IPA Review: A Damn Good Japanese Craft Beer”

The Kokoro Files

The Kokoro Files: David De La Torre

The Kokoro Files highlights the connections between everyday people and Japan. The Japanese alcohol industry has inspired people all over the world, and David De La Torre was determined to find his way into the industry at all costs.

David is the founder of Japanese craft beer, Mori 1984. With a range of unique flavours and an emphasis on soft water, Mori 1984 certainly stands out in the craft beer market. Yamato Magazine caught up with David about the story behind the beer and how a trip to Hiroshima gave him the inspiration to shape the brand. Continue reading “The Kokoro Files: David De La Torre”