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Okinawa Sunshine Cocktail Recipe: Celebrating The Stories And Spirits Of Okinawa

Okinawa Sunshine uses Yokka Koji awamori and Cor Cor rum.

When it comes to cocktails, Japan is an authority in pushing the boundaries of mixed drinks and coming up with new creations. It’s a drinks culture build on innovation, high-quality craftsmanship and storytelling. 

The kind of flavours that can be achieved with Japanese ingredients is truly awe-inspiring and it’s fun to experiment with different combinations to see what happens. That’s why I wanted to create a Japanese cocktail that plays with different tastes, so here is a recipe for Okinawa Sunshine.

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Kokoro Care Packages Offers A Diverse Range Of Regional Japanese Food Products

Kokoro Care Packages.

Japanese food is among the most diverse and multi-layered cuisine on the planet, with flavour profiles that spark the imagination. A large volume of regional Japanese food doesn’t get to be experienced outside of the country, so it’s wonderful to see businesses like Kokoro Care Packages changing that by offering bespoke Japanese food hampers from regions all over Japan.

Run by Lillian Hanako Rowlatt and Aki Sugiyama, Kokoro Care Packages is built on a foundation of bringing people closer together with new foods and tastes. I had the opportunity to see what was in Kokoro’s Community Favourites of 2020 package, which really opened my eyes to the huge range of regional Japanese products that are out there.

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Chuko Yokka Koji Awamori Review: A Complex And Earthy Spirit Perfect For Whisky Drinkers

Yokka Koji awamori.

The world of Japanese spirits is truly fascinating, as it taps into centuries of tradition, culture and craftsmanship. Awamori channels all of those aspects into liquid form, as unique as Okinawa. 

All of the awamori distilleries in Okinawa are passionate about sharing their products and one of the most innovative brands is Chuko, who’ve created the awesome Yokka Koji awamori. I was recently able to get my hands on a bottle of the stuff and it blew me away.

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6 Amazing Facts About Awamori

Japanese spirits are steadily increasing in popularity, with more consumers being willing to try new drinks and learn about the history of the beverages. Despite this, there is still a lack of awareness about what makes spirits like shochu and awamori unique, especially the latter. 

Awamori is generally lumped into the shochu category, but it stands alone with its own special history and importance. With that in mind, here are six amazing facts about awamori to demystify this ancient spirit.

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A Life Distilled

Awamori Kame pots used for ageing.

You were born on the day of a storm

The weather matching the thunder and lightning

Rattling inside my chest from the moment

You were due to come into the world

I’ll never forget the gentle heartbeat

Or the tiny hand you placed into mine

The spark of potential that flashed in your eyes 

Was preserved inside the kame

Sealed with a handprint

Years of maturation

Cultivated with love and care

Until the boy became a man

And what a man you’ve become

Strong, brave, compassionate

Together we’ll drink the memories

That have aged in awamori

Nuanced flavours of a life

Still maturing 

Becoming more complex

With every new experience 

Set aside a fresh kame

Fill it with the hopes and dreams of your children

Teach them a life distilled 

Is a life worth cherishing

Awamori Reviews

Udisan No Sake Awamori Review: Pure Joy To Drink And Savour

Udisan No Sake Awamori is produced by the Miyanohana brewery.

Okinawa has a rich drinking history, which is represented by awamori, the region’s national spirit. The older cousin of shochu, awamori stands out as its own category and has some of the most unique flavour profiles to be found anywhere in the world.

Awamori is undoubtedly one of my favourite spirits, so it’s even more thrilling to come across a type that breaks the traditional mould and does its own thing. I’m talking about Udisan No Sake Awamori, a delicious floral concoction that conjures images of clear skies and tropical beaches.

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Embrace The Awesomeness Of Awamori (Sake On Air Review)

Experiencing a new culture through the lens of food and drink is a great way to connect to a different part of the world without having to hop on a plane. If you ever plan to travel to Okinawa, it’s worth knowing about the island’s indigenous spirit awamori and its importance to local history.

But what exactly is awamori and how does it differ from other Japanese drinks like nihonshu and shochu? Sake On Air recently released an awamori episode that reveals why it’s worth trying this little known spirit. Continue reading “Embrace The Awesomeness Of Awamori (Sake On Air Review)”

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A Rum Revelation: Santa Maria Gold Is A Must-Try Japanese Rum

Santa Maria gold rum is an agricole rum made from sugar cane and produced in Okinawa.

Japan produces some of the most unique spirits in the world, namely shochu and awamori. The production of western spirits such as gin has increased rapidly and it’s also worth keeping an eye out for Japanese rum.

I recently tried my first Japanese rum in the form of Santa Maria gold and found it to be a revelation. Soft and delicate, the Santa Maria gold is unlike any kind of rum I’ve tasted before. Continue reading “A Rum Revelation: Santa Maria Gold Is A Must-Try Japanese Rum”

Awamori Reviews

Harusame Kari Awamori Review: A Tsunami Of Flavour That Keeps On Building!

Harusame Kari awamori is rich, creamy, nutty and sweet.

Japanese spirits like awamori have some of the most unique brewing methods and flavours profiles to be found anywhere on the planet. Awamori comes from Okinawa and packs more of a punch than nihonshu and shochu with an ABV that ranges from between 30% – 43%.

Harusame Kari, produced by Miyazato Distillery, is a multi-layered drink that stacks oodles of flavour on top of each other. And the only reason I was able to discover it was by paying a visit to the UK’s first sake brewery Kanpai in Peckham. The stars had truly aligned for an awesome drinking experience. Continue reading “Harusame Kari Awamori Review: A Tsunami Of Flavour That Keeps On Building!”

Awamori Reviews

Higa Zanpa White Awamori Review: The Perfect Introductory Drink To Okinawan Moonshine

Higa Zanpa White is a perfect introductory awamori.

Awamori is one of the most unique Japanese beverages in the world. Made in Okinawa, awamori shares similarities with nihonshu and shochu, but it only uses black koji mould and Thai indica rice in the production process. The result is a powerful distilled spirit that can go as high as a 43% ABV.

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