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The Kokoro Files: Akiko Katayama

From chefs to bartenders, Japanese food and drink has touched the lives of many people. It’s been a catalyst for changing lives and bringing new conversations to culinary communities across the globe. 

For Akiko Katayama, promoting Japanese cuisine has become a life-long pursuit and Yamato Magazine had the pleasure of interviewing her about her experiences. A tenured food writer, host of the Japan Eats! Podcast and representative of the New York Culinary Academy, Akiko is a leading expert in the world of Japanese food and beverages.

Read on to learn about how she became a food journalist, what it means to judge top-ranking chefs and how the story of Japanese cuisine continues to evolve. 

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A Love Letter To Japan’s National Drinks: Sake Future Summit 2020 Unites Experts From Across The World

Drink consumers are always looking for the next big thing, the next trend that will come along and transform the industry with new flavours and experiences. I believe the new frontier lies in sake and shochu. Both categories are becoming increasingly known in the western market through the tireless efforts of educators, ambassadors, retailers, restaurateurs and enthusiasts.

The world of sake and shochu is exciting and innovative, with many passionate people linked by a love for what they do. This passion was on full display at the Sake Future Summit 2020, which brought together sake professionals from across the globe for a dialogue on how sake can take over the world.

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3 Essential Podcasts For Furthering Your Sake Education

Podcasts are excellent resources for learning new things, especially when it comes to breaking down a subject as diverse and complex as sake. From the production process to the history of different rice varietals, there’s so much to enjoy in learning about sake and there are podcasts that champion Japan’s national beverage with great content and insight.

Here are three essential podcasts for furthering your sake education and falling deeper into the nihonshu rabbit hole.

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What The Hell Is Koji? (Sake On Air Review)

When it comes to unique drinking cultures, Japan is a country with plenty to talk about. Drinks like nihonshu and awamori are complex and contradictory, adding to the intrigue of the Japanese alcohol industry. For anyone who is interested in learning more about sake, there are podcasts like Sake On Air, which go into detail about the industry and why Japanese beverages have become so popular in the west.

Understanding the sake brewing process is an integral part of learning how to drink it and koji is an essential ingredient. In case you’re scratching your head and wondering what koji is, the creators of Sake On Air have released an episode that gives a helpful introduction into Japan’s national mold. Continue reading “What The Hell Is Koji? (Sake On Air Review)”

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Improve Your Knowledge Of Sake By Listening To The Fascinating Sake On Air Podcast

It’s no secret that podcasts have become one of the most popular forms of content. Not only can they be accessed from anywhere, but they also provide a quick source of information for listeners who want to learn about new topics. That’s exactly what’s happened for me by listening to the Sake On Air podcast, a show that explores the wonderfully complex world of sake and the people who are passionate about it. Continue reading “Improve Your Knowledge Of Sake By Listening To The Fascinating Sake On Air Podcast”