Gold Balls

You want some good luck in your life?

Find yourself a tanuki

Those little bastards have balls               

Running around drinking and merrymaking

At all times of the day without a care in the world

There’s this old children’s tale that tells you all you need to know

Tan tan tanuki no kintama wa

Kaze mo nai no ni bura bura

You need to be careful because they’re hard to find

And even harder to catch

But it’s worth all the graft

They don’t call me golden balls for nothing



Every morning Jiro wakes at 4AM

And heads to his restaurant in Ginza

His kitchen is a blank canvas

For which he paints his culinary art

Sliced sashimi bursting with sunrise colours

Dipped in the sea green of maki

Temaki rolled with precision

Splashes of nigiri inked into the easel

Completing the masterpiece

For the daily rush hour

Served with pride